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DSC Maxsys Arm/Disarm Schedule Not Working

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Interested, Nov 15, 2004.

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  1. Interested

    Interested Guest

    It's me again...

    Thoroughly confused by the disconnect between DLS 2002 and DSC's

    I have three panels... One hasn't been deployed yet, one is (from the
    event buffer) working as I expect it to...the other is, well, not:

    The scenerio: I want the partitions to arm at 2100 M-TH and 1715 FR &
    SA, Disarm at 0630 M-F (no automatic disarm on Saturday or Sunday).

    In DLS2002, the panel that is working exactly as I expect has under
    "[00-10-01] Date Schedules", Schedule 2:

    Start Times: 2100, 0630, 0001, 1715
    End Times: 2359, 2359, 2359, 0001

    The date masks are configured as expected, all "Holiday" masks are
    unchecked. Auto Arm is checekd on interval 1, 3, and 4; Disarm is
    checked on interval 2.

    On the other panel this section is exactly the same. Also, on
    [00-10-03] Arm/Disarm Schedule, I have 02 entered for date schedule,
    and the proper partition checked.

    And it's only half working: The panel arms itself (I see the "Closing
    Automatic Request Schedule 2" event logs) but it never disarms (I
    never see the "Opening Automatic Request Schedule 2" event).

    I've checked everything I can think of, but am ovbiously missing


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