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DSC Keypad zone

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by hod, Sep 24, 2003.

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  1. hod

    hod Guest

    I just move into a house that has a DSC POWER 832 with LCD5501 Keypad.
    I recently bought an extra PIR and wanted to add it to the keypad. I
    am trying to figure out how to wire this PIR? I ran the red wire to
    the R, black wire to the B, white wire to the Z, what about the green
    wire? the manual said to wire to the COM? Is there a COM on the
    or do I just connect both the white wire and the green wire to the Z?

  2. schism

    schism Guest

    Connect one wire (green or white) to the z terminal and the other to
    the common. The only thing is you need a resistor in series w/ the
    wire I believe the value is 1k but I cannot be sure.
  3. Marc

    Marc Guest

    It all depends on tehe system if your using resistance or not .... if your
    using a PIR just do R to R , B to B, Green (of PIR wire) to B on keypad, and
    white to the Z screw. If your using resistance, youll need to add the 56k
    ohm resistance tothe z termanal and connect the wire to the end. Youll need
    to go into programming section 20 and enable it as a keypad zone, which this
    involves knowing the programming code and knowledge of which keypad is on
    what slot, *8, programming code, 000, 0 and youll see something like 11 ,
    this means its parition 1, keypad 1, so when you go into *8, programming
    code, 20, you would would to enter your zone in the first place , right away
    , ex . *8, 1234, 20 , 09 #### (would add it as zone 9) but then you have to
    give it a zone defition, make sure the zone is enabled.. if you need more
    infromation feel free to email me.

  4. Petem

    Petem Guest


    Must have been a typo..not a 56k resistor but a 5.6k resistor...
  5. Marc

    Marc Guest

    num lock must not have been on

  6. hod

    hod Guest

    I know about the resistor in series, but where is the common? Doug
    said to the B (black) terminal?
  7. Marc

    Marc Guest

    Yes the DSC systems use a common negative, which can be obtained from AUX -,
    keybus negative, or a common, this for a PIR, or MOST powered devices you
    can get away with only haveing 3 wires, 1 power, 1 common, and 1 loop, since
    the common for the loop can be obtained from the common (negative).

    Thus common is Black.

    I know about the resistor in series, but where is the common? Doug
    said to the B (black) terminal?[/QUOTE]
  8. Marc

    Marc Guest

    radon me masta

  9. Marc

    Marc Guest

    Hey robert
    can you email with the JDS-108 manual? i either didnt get it or hotmail
    blocked it b/c of all those damn MS update virus's in the bulk mail.


  10. Petem

    Petem Guest

    This is a REALLY bad idea to use the negative as the zone common point
    except on a keypad where it was designed for..

    in fact if you take a multimeter and check on a unpowered pc 5010 or pc 1555
    ......there is a pretty high resistance difference..

    that's cause they added on those input some protection against rf noise and
    electric surge that could come from there...

    and using the common input as a ground for the power of an ir would make the
    ir go in false pretty fast cause the current flow is limited in those

    if you use the negative for zone input you bypass some good protection and
    if you use common as a ground for power you create a bad powered device..

    its not a flame its just for information,so that people that are not pro
    would not do it...
    BUT it can be done with older DSC panel (the classic series
    1000,2000,1500/50,2500/50/25,3000)where the negative path is connected more
    directly(but not totally) to the negative source...but its not recommended
  11. hod

    hod Guest

    THANK YOU ALL, You are very helpful!
    However no one mention about the wiring on the PIR. I am using Ademco 998 PIR
    Please tell me if I'm correct...?
    RED(R) BLACK(B) <none> WHITE (Z)

    Thanks in advance.
  12. Spike

    Spike Guest

    Nice catch, Petem

  13. Spike

    Spike Guest

    What the hell is perpetuating that? Knuckleheads who continue to open the
    damn things. I ran the Symantic cleaner thing and it wasn't on my PC. Damn,
    what a mess. Pisses me off I'm going to have to spring for this Inboxer
    thing but it helps, I was getting spam for getting rid of spam, I forget
    where I heard about this one; seems pretty good from the few I tried, the
    Outlook tool is useless, first two I tried sucked but this one works well
    and seems to learn too. Anyone care to brag about theirs before I plunk down
    my hard earned cash?

  14. Marc

    Marc Guest

    I debated to even bother a response, and now I will.

    I as an installer would not do what I mentioned unless necessary. The
    impression i got from this guy was that he just wants to add 1 device above
    his keypad that only has 4 wires going to it, all for the keybus. In a
    situation like that its either run a new wire or use the black power as a
    common correct? I didnt think this guy wanted to run a completely new wire
    for a PIR.
  15. Petem

    Petem Guest

    i believe you dont worry!! ;-) as i stated in the first replay i did. its
    not a flame its just to tell the avrage joe on the list that its not good
    practice and could even bring some problem
    on the part of connecting a PIR to the keypad..

    a strange thing to do but it can be done, and I would do it like that

    + of pir to the R of keypad
    - of pir to the B of keypad
    C of pir to B of keypad
    NC of pir to Z of keypad

    its always better to bring the wire to the main control box,but if you don't
    have input left.....I understand the keypad is useful...
    be care full cause if you do a bad job on the wiring it will create havoc on
    the keypad power and could lead to total failure of the system (keypad would
    go dead so no way to disarm it if it was armed and such fun thing could
    happen ;-) )
  16. Spike

    Spike Guest

    Sorry, Marc, I didn't intend that as a shot, I was just appreciative of the
    post, I learned something.
  17. Marc

    Marc Guest

    Hey its all about learning. I could careless less who bashes who, 90% of the
    time i tell OE to catch up and never read 3/4 the threads, its all crap.
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