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Driver Circuit ULN2003a that will allow a car to follow white parallel lines

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by smash, May 13, 2007.

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  1. smash

    smash Guest

    I am after a circuit schematic and parts list with functioning
    explanation on a Driver Circuit ULN2003a that will be incorporated
    into a type of remote control car that will allow it once switched on
    to trace parallel white lines...

    Please help.. as i'm a numty.. i did this project years ago and now
    can't seem to find the schematic nor the parts list for it.. all i
    have is a brief on how i went on to devlop it :( (which is usless
    without knowing the othe rinfo)...

    i was and am hoping you all out there may have come across soemthing
    like this before.. and can help me out.... the circuit was given to me
    by a lecturer years ago and hence i think that it will be in the
    public domain that other electronic minded peeps would have seen....

    thanks to the guy that sent me a mail link, on the one that traces
    black lines..


  2. Bruce Varley

    Bruce Varley Guest

    That isn't much to go on. A ULN2003 is just a 7-way darlington driver IC.
    Google for its specs.
  3. Donald

    Donald Guest

    I have a tire, will some one please tell me what else I need to build a car.

  4. smash

    smash Guest

    Damn !!!! you guys a are harsh lol... like i said this is all i have
    to go off myself.......... read between the lines (next time)......
  5. Donald

    Donald Guest

    Damn your a lost puppy.

    Please get an education.


    PS: Learn how to read, text books.
  6. feebo

    feebo Guest

    it is true SED is not known for tolerating stuff - dare to show a weak
    side and it gets ripped to shreds... however...

    you have come up with a chip... it's not really that special and is
    not necessarily key to guidance systems - there are hundreds of
    methods (and chips) that can be used to crack this nut.

    Is this a homework project? If you are a numpty (as u said) you might
    try posting this in sci.electronics.basics - you are sure to get a
    slightly less "harsh" response.

    on the subject of this chip and your reqs... if it has been specified
    you must use this chip, think: 7 optical sensors providing feedback to
    decide when your white line wanders from the centre of the field of
    view providing feedback to your steering assembly...

    's as much as you'll get from me here.

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