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Drill Now for oil

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by amdx, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. amdx

    amdx Guest

  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Actually, it's a damned shame that we just burn so much of it, when
    complex hydrocarbons are so useful for so many other things.
  3. Bob Eld

    Bob Eld Guest

    The oil companies are only drilling on about 10% of the leases they already
    have. Let them explore the other 90% before opening more leases.

    Secondly there is a shortage of rigs and equipment so even if you opened
    more regions, they wouldn't drill there for some time if ever.

    We have to bite the bullet and develop alternatives, we have no choice. No
    amount of drilling will get us out of it because petroleum is not
    sustainable. It is a finite resource and drilling just postpones the
    inevitable but at great cost.
  4. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Typical Republican:
    Won't look beyond the top layer on public mechanisms. 8-|
    (Think: more person-miles/gallon==cleaner air
    and--for the folks who insist on a 2-ton chunk of stuff
    to transport a single person--less road congestion.)

    Maybe it's just a stopped-clock-right-twice-a-day thing
    but last year somebody at Orange County Transit
    decided to NOT get rid of the buses they normally retire.
    Now, they have a reserve that they put to work at peak hours
    --and the ridership numbers are definitely up.

    You can't even crank up your car for $3--much less ride all day.
    They even had a give-us-a-try-for-free program.*-passes&strip=1
    Japanese-manufactured. 8-(
    ...and people are parking their ridiculous vehicles.
    Wasn't it you that was just talking about living in the '50s?
    <checking> Yup, that was you.

    How about investing in efficiency & renewables FIRST?

    Edison had compact flourescent giveaways years back.

    Insulation subsidies would make more sense
    than most of what passes for a US energy policy.

    With the amount of sunlight that impacts Arizona,
    it should be illegal there NOT to heat your water with solar.
    I remember whe I liked in Florida decades ago
    there was a guy in Coral Gables I'd see on the news
    who had a rig that had been operating since 1938.
  5. Only if those areas were limited to the heads of people who advocate
    risking destruction of pristine wilderness and sensitive environmental
    areas so they can continue (for a little while longer) to drive oversized
    and obscenely inefficient vehicles.

    I cast my "vote" today, by purchasing a 1999 Saturn SL1 which should get
    35-45 MPG (as did my previous 1998 model that was totaled). And I still
    have my 1997 Saturn SW1 wagon that even now averages 34 MPG at 177k miles.
    And I have a 1989 Toyota 4WD pickup that gets 22 MPG which is OK on the few
    occasions I have need for that capability.

    I also visited a local Saturn dealership, and remarked that their cars were
    leading the way for American companies to offer an inexpensive and fuel
    efficient vehicle - until around 2002. Then their corporate weenies decided
    to engage in horsepower and performance wars which resulted in a drop in
    their best fuel economies. The guys on the floor, the sales people, also
    lamented that fact, but they just work there. I think it's obscene that
    even their hybrid "crossover" vehicle only gets about 26 MPG.

    Guess what was happening when these cars started being intoduced?
    Bush/Cheney in the White house, 9/11, and the invasion of the Arab world.
    Coincidences? I think not...

  6. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    I remember driving through Phoenix on the way to California.
    What was that sign I saw? 410th Street? Sprawl!
    Clearly due to poor government and poor planning.
    With fuel prices peaking, we'll see about the wisdom of that.
    Ah so.
    You're inserting confrontation where none was intended.
    I'm saying let's move forward with all the science we've learned
    in half a century and develop some more technology
    then get it mainstreamed--using the gov't if necessary.
    I never argued those points.
    Needlessly. Conspicuous consumption.
    ...but it was kinda fun when gas was 27c a gallon, wasn't it? :cool:
    Yeah. Like that.
    The climate where I grew up was like that too.
    Florida was just a stop-over for me
    on my way to a Mediterranean climate.
    My first hot day in California, I had this peculiar sensation.
    The skin on my arm was tingling.
    Figured it out--my sweat was actually evaporating!
  7. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Socialists refuse to recognize that the US is not built in a manner to make
    public mass transit practical for most people. It's just too big and spread
    Instead,they want to force a massive change upon the US people,at
    unbelieveable costs.
  8. Bob Eld

    Bob Eld Guest

    I'm amazed to see the politicians go up to Michigan and pander to the
    unemployed, laid off workers up there all the while Toyota and Honda can't
    make enough hybrids to meet demand.

    There are long waiting lines for these cars but I just saw that FORD is
    about to introduce yet another F150 truck! What is wrong with American
    industry? Why the hell can't they anticipate the way the wind blows and meet
    the demand? Why is it that the Japanese are ALWAYS at the forefront to
    innovation and change while the US decays? It's totally baffling to me.

    Where is the Chevy Volt? Why is Detroit all talk and little do?
  9. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Very nice! It's nice to see some responsible human beings. There
    should be restrictions on what the oil companies can do to the land.
    As human beings we should be a bit more considerate to nature and life
    on this planet, not our wallet and fast paced high-tech modern

  10. Suck CO2 and water out of the air and make anything you want - from
    alcohols to hydrocarbons to carbohydrates. Just add energy.
  11. mpm

    mpm Guest

    Hey Jim,

    I've been watching all this debate on whether or not we can "drill our
    way" out of this problem, and I keep coming back to the same thing:

    We should build those solar-thermal plants and convert (eventually)
    our automobiles to run on electricity. Or even electric-hybrids.

    This would (should?) put a serious dent in our dependence on foreign
    oil (for transportation).
    It would also create a lot of new jobs - (utility construction,
    underground gas/diesel storage tank remediation, battery manufacture,
    auto manufacture, recycling, electric grid upgrade, electric
    "refueling" station construction, and a host of other industries I'm
    sure I skipped..)

    IMO, we need to make this a "TVA-type" effort. Even if it took 1% -
    3% of our GDP (or more), if it got us off the tit of foreign oil, I'd
    do it. Oh, and it would be an instant boom to the Arizona Desert
    property values.

    Whadda-ya think?


    p.s. - Does anyone know Obama's email address so I can send this idea
    to him?
    (Since he's going to be the next President...?)
  12. Paul

    Paul Guest

    That would interest Barack Obama given he's a tech guy. Leo LaPorte,
    the Tech TV guy, was pushing for Barack on the air saying that Barack
    is the first presidential candidate to really get it, technology.

    For now Barack needs to first get in office, so he's concerned with


  13. Very nice! It's nice to see some responsible human beings. There
    should be restrictions on what the oil companies can do to the land.
    As human beings we should be a bit more considerate to nature and life
    on this planet, not our wallet and fast paced high-tech modern


    I certainly agree. The land, water, and air are (or should be) protected by
    the ultimate owners, which are the people of the municipality, state,
    country, and the planet. Individuals and corporations may be granted
    certain rights and privileges of ownership, and pretty much anything that
    does not negatively affect the rest of us should be allowed. But this is
    complicated by the fact that many things are interconnected. If I drill for
    and pump oil or water on my own property, the oil fields or aquifers extend
    to my neighbor's property, and I will be depleting his supply if I pump out
    through a well on my land. And it may also cause subsidence, sinkholes, and
    other deleterious effects on other peoples land. If I pollute a stream on
    my property, it affects those downstream. If I burn noxious waste, it
    affects those downwind.

    So, we must consider ourselves, in terms of a global economy and community,
    as stewards of the natural resources we have on our planet, and the fact
    that one of us may be lucky enough to find something valuable that can be
    accessed from our own property does not give unrestricted rights to take
    such a resource without consideration for others that may be affected. The
    tricky part is determining the amount of the resource to be taken and the
    true effect on others. The devil is in the details. But we need to start
    thinking more cooperatively, and in terms of long-term sustainability and
    fairness to all inhabitants of our planet, and rethink the concepts of
    ownership which, if traced back, usually has involved forceful and immoral
    or illegal taking of what were once considered the homes and lands of
    others who simply lacked the means to protect themselves from being
    overpowered by supposedly superior invaders.

  14. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Well said! I particular like what you said about humans should be the
    stewards, as that reminds me of another somewhat related topic that
    I'm concerned about. Humanities advanced intelligence over other
    species puts us in a somewhat more responsible situation. We're like
    adolescent teens discovering our power (mental), but we need to learn
    to control it in a positive way. For example, typically, people in
    African (of all races) are treating Chimpanzees, our nearest
    relatives, with devastating consequences to the point where there
    aren't that many Chimpanzees in the world. They are being slaughtered
    in mass quantities in the forest where the butcherer even chops off
    the arms of the adult female while the baby Chimp is desperately
    hugging his or her mother for dear life. The adult body parts are sold
    on the market.

    I'm glad to see, at least in America I see it, a Green revolution
    where people are thinking beyond his or her wallet for the betterment
    of the planet and the countless species that inhabits our planet. I
    know we can do it.

  15. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Been to a Saturn dealership recently ?

    The Astra and Aura are basically Opel Astras and Vectras in disguise. Although the base engine size has
    still grown vs the European models.

  16. krw

    krw Guest

    Because if we don't, we won't own the ground later.
  17. MooseFET

    MooseFET Guest

    The government already lets the oil companies drill in more places
    than they can handle. There is no shortage of leases or permits.
    This is just election year BS.
  18. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

  19. krw

    krw Guest

    ....just more bullshit from the DemocRATS talking points.
  20. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Never mind that The Left's *Tax and spend*
    is preferable to The New Right's *Borrow and spend*.

    It's been mentioned here before that Progressives spend their terms
    cleaning up the economic messes that NeoCons leave behind
    --only to have the NEXT Republican screw it up again.

    The Righties should just call their party what it is:
    The Subsidize the Trans-Nationals and Send Jobs Overseas Party.

    For every one of the engineering jobs that the corps outsource,
    there are lots of *other* jobs that go offshore.
    ....and don't try to say that this hasn't INCREASED on Dubya's watch
    (with no new jobs to replace them).

    Let me know when you see job growth under a Republican
    even keep pace with population growth.
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