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drawing schematic from data sheet

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by S45, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. S45

    S45 Guest

    I am beginner in Schematic capture and board design. As of now I know
    the flow of board design and I am used to OrCad tool for about one
    month and i know the basic(placing parts ..) and making a schematic by
    seeing the schematic sheet of any IC.

    For an IC (Sii 164) I am unable to get the schematic and in their data
    sheet there isn't any schematic available or i found a incomplete one
    (non i2c - strap mode configuration). Now i think I have to make the
    schematic from the given data sheet. How far is it possible to do this?

    Please help me by providing pointers.


  2. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    You'll need to make your own library to add your own components.

    With OrCad open and no projects loaded, use File ->New -> Library

    Happy drawing.


  3. GM

    GM Guest

    You can create your own component for the IC you are looking and you can
    assign a footprint to it (for example DIL40 or SOIC or whatever) and include
    it in a library. For most of the programs this procedure is easy (not that I
    know one that it is hard :))))

  4. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    If you have access to a.b.s.e, I've just posted a PDF of a typical part
    I do quite regularly - in this case a CoolRunner II CPLD from Xilinx -
    144 pins, which is really low count these days.

    One thing; if you do more than a few pins on a part, try and get someone
    to review it for you.


  5. S45

    S45 Guest


    Yes I know how to create library, but I wish to know to how to
    represent/draw the diagram from the provided data sheet(taking into
    consideration of parameters, signal conditions etc) in case the IC data
    sheet doesn't provide the "schematic diagram". I hope my question is
    clear(drawing schematic from the pin details and functions). Please
    provide some pointers.

    Also PeteS, what is a.b.s.e , how to get access to it?

  6. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    a.b.s.e. is alt.binaries.schematic.electronic and is not accessible from
    google groups - you need a newsreader.

    As to getting started - there are some fairly usual methods of making
    parts. Signal groupings are the biggest thing I look for. What I usually
    do NOT do is put the pins in physical order - the schematic symbol
    should reflect functionality, not necessarily pin position.

    I just got the datasheet and it looks pretty straightforward.


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