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Download TV Schematics at a Reasonable Price

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brad, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Guest


    I repair TVs, etc. Often, the price of a service manual is
    so high, it makes it difficult to make a "profit".

    Does anyone know a good web site where I can download
    a TV schematic(s) or service manual(s) for a reasonable price?

    Thanks in advance, Brad

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  2. Join the TechAssist and/or TechData forums for $60 each per year and get
    access to most manuals by sharing with other techs. Not only do you get
    access to manuals that hundreds of other tech have, but you get access to
    their expertise, used NLA parts, and tips. I am a member of both and have
    found that they pay for themselves many times over. I often post a question
    or a request for a part that I can't find and someone has the solution.
    Between the two I have access to hundreds of the most experienced techs.

  3. justmanuals

    justmanuals Guest All electronics manuals just $9.99 and
    Instant Download!
  4. b

    b Guest

    best of all - it is FREE. I've got many things from there.
    there are some good links on the highlandelectrix and cromavideo sites
    too for tvs.
  5. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    The only reasonable price for a service manual is $0. That should be
    the price charged for a downloadable PDF from the manufacturer's web

    Sites like this one annoy me greatly:

    As a "qualified" serviceman I can download Toshiba's manuals for free.
    OTOH, an "unqualified" serviceman or home handyman has to buy the same
    thing from a third party manual provider. This begs the question,
    where do *they* get their manuals, and how do they justify selling
    something which they got for free and which is probably subject to

    - Franc Zabkar
  6. neon


    Oct 21, 2006
    you mean there are there still technician making a living at that. with china in the picture for cheap TV i don't know how you guys survive i bought 19" TV for $67 new i actuly trew away all my SAMS long ago wish i kept them for you.
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