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Double Jack Headphones - Like the ones found on some Aircraft

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Robert, Feb 5, 2004.

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  1. Robert

    Robert Guest

    I was wondering if someone could help me with how the double jack
    headphones work?? Why are there two jacks?? Is it one lack for each
    headphone output?? Or is one the signal and the other is ground?? Help
    on this would be great thank you. I am planning to make an audio
    amplifier to take on holidays so I can ramp up the planes signal
    because they are so low sometimes.

  2. Ït is probably just one plug for each stereo channel. You can buy an adapter
    plug at you local electronic shop and they can probably help you too.

  3. Larry

    Larry Guest

    Look at each plug if there is 3 contacts on each ( TIP,RING,SLEVE)
    You may have a Quad headphone ( 4 ch )

    Hope it helps
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