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Door Tamper Alarm Sensor

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by RF Dude, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. RF Dude

    RF Dude Guest

    Any advice for a door tamper alarm for an isolated site? The idea is to
    sense that someone is trying to gain unlawful entry before they actually
    open the door, thus providing additional time to respond. In the case of
    only a door entry alarm, valuable time is lost trying to verify if the entry
    is legitamite.

    Unlawful entry would be via drilling a hole through the door to get to a
    deadbolt latch, or a shock sensor if the door lock (say a Unican) was being
    smashed off. Issue with the shock sensor is that it would have to ignore
    the door slamming shut, which seems to rule out the piezo stick-on variety.
    Perhaps the second or third whack with a sledge hammer would set off the

    All reasonable ideas appreciated. Cost is a factor, since there are many
    doors that require this solution in my application.

    RF Dude
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    I'm assuming the building already has an alarm. Why not use an outdoor PIR
    to trip a zone on the alarm. You can set up coverage so that it's
    restricted to the door entry area. If you don't receive an opening within a
    certain period of time, you can assume the worse and dispatch the guards.
    This would work best if it was tied into a actual CCTV system you can
    monitor off site...
  3. If the panel was cross-zoning capable he could cross zone the exterior pir with the door switch...that would work cool.

    Maybe a small exterior pir over each door (like ceiling rex type) - of course we really don't have enough info so far.
  4. they still make shock sensors which could pick up an attack on a door
    before it is opened .

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  5. RF Dude

    RF Dude Guest

    Think of many small business offices of a corporation, some of which are
    located in more remote areas. There is an internal alarm system. Seems
    that the culprits take their time gaining access then are smash and grab
    artists. Once inside, vanalism is part of the problem, not just entry. It
    is taking some time to get through the steel jacketed door, so obtaining
    some additional warning that someone is tampering with the door would seem
    useful. Looking around at some options, I see standard piezo shock sensors
    might work, stuck to the door or frame. The integrator/pulse counter would
    be necessary so that normal door operation is OK. I found a seismic sensor
    at Aritech that gets very analytical about what is going on, but this adds
    cost for each site that quickly escalates when multiplied out say 40 or 50
    times. The client doesn't want to spring for cameras and DVR.

    Thanks for the help.

    RF Dude
  6. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    IEI makes a little shock sensor called the "Viper" which could be mounted on
    a door frame, and can be set to "double knock". They work well, and price
    wise 1/5 the cost of an AR unit. I would also consider placing some outdoor
    motion sensor lights around and near the doors. Without getting involved
    with cameras for verification, virtually any ideas you come up with may
    become a nuisance. It would be nice to even have a Network Camera were you
    wouldn't need head-end CCTV devices, but could have a means of verification.
    It depends on what's inside I guess. Sooner or later paying for a good
    system will justify not paying the insurance deductible on each occurrence,
    or worse, writing off the loss. Without knowing all the variables, it's a
    shot in the dark, including the limitations. Lights, Camera, Reaction vs.
    nuisance alarms. Flip a coin.

  7. Jack beat me to recommending the IEI Viper. I've used them a lot for shock sensors...mount them on the door frame.
  8. RF Dude

    RF Dude Guest

    Thank you for all the useful advise. I talked to my supplier today. Also
    got the option of the Aritec ADVISOR X which is for safes and bank machines.
    Might be too sensitive and a bit of overkill. But PARADOX makes the SAFE
    950 that is not UL listed (=cheaper) and better than half the price of the

    So I've now found a sensor for attacks on metal enclosures, and the VIPER
    and Sentrol versions, as well as the vault devices. How to decide? Looks
    like I'll have to test a few of them at various locations. I'll post back
    to the group if there is anything interesting to report.

    RF Dude
  9. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Have a look at some of the ideas on the site.
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