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Don't Touch My Junk!

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by WhySoSerious?, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. I do not much like excessive X-rays myself,so I would be opting for the
    alternative method, Bur I would much rather the idiots perfect a sniffer

    Then, you could put 25 people in a room and sniff it, and if it is OK,
    they go thru standard security. If the sniffer goes off, Houston has a

    The X-ray thing is too invasive. Not so much the hardware being used,
    but the piggery behind it. The problem is with the 'baseline' pig model.

    They need to go back to baseline peace officer, which hasn't been seen
    in over half a century.

    The answer is to get rid of the pigs that declare themselves so
    honorable, and smart, when it is quite clear that they are not. Their
    mindset has been off for decades. Stop buying new pig cars every other
    year and buy some damned sniffer technology!

    Hell, put a dog in front of the sampler hose. Do a room full at a time.
    No smell, no worry.

    Back to the metal detector for the rest. Don't fail that.
  2. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    They are not using X-rays on people!

    At least not in the civilised world! The scanners are at microwave or
    terahertz wavelength and are pretty impressive in terms of seeing small
    concealed items. They saw my credit card in a pocket with no trouble.
    The guy running the scanner is in a control room away from the machine
    and unless he gets off on cylindrical projections of people he isn't
    really looking at a recognisable nude image. The guy at the gate is
    connected by earphone to the remote viewer and very accurately asks to
    see whatever is being concealed. The kit is very expensive.
    The main explosive threat has far too low a vapour pressure for this to
    work. The terrorists are ahead of us on this one - that is why they have
    closed potential loopholes for carry-on as far as possible.
    The what? US airport security has always been staffed by a bunch of ill
    educated thugs and morons - that was what made 9/11 so easy. You had
    most of the right gear but didn't bother to train them how to use it.
    Immediately post 9/11 the contrast between US airport "security" which
    was all bluff and bluster and competent UK security was very evident.

    Part of the theatre in US airport "security" is completely bogus and is
    just inconvenience without any substantial benefit. But it was done to
    placate a paranoid public that was running scared and not flying at all
    post 9/11. TSA is crap, but then so were the myopic drudges working for
    private contractors that they replaced or supplemented.

    Threat objects getting through has increased slightly in the USA even
    though civility is much worse. And if you think it is bad as a US
    citizen try travelling there with a foreign passport.
    It is called policing by consent. We still have it in the UK and it
    works pretty well. Airport security at Heathrow pulls Merkins with
    rounds of live ammo in their jacket pocket and knives in carryon bags.
    Our police are polite and the scanners do their job very well. It
    doesn't even make the news any more. Here's one from a while back:
    Unfortunately that is not true. The terrorists explosive of choice has a
    very low vapour pressure so you have to do a swab test. And it looks
    like the toner cartridge bomb was clean room work hermetically sealed -
    the first test of the UK one did not detect any trace of explosives.
    They are a bit of a joke too. Taking belts off is another bogus
    requirement most scanners will ignore a few tens of grams of metal.

    This is not the case at gold refineries where the scanners and your path
    through them are designed to measure the weight of mercury amalgam
    fillings in your teeth to a fraction of a gram going in and coming out.

    Martin Brown
  3. That describes all cops. Regardless of what they would like you to
  4. Bullshit.
  5. Actually, their setup is the joke.
    No, they do not "ignore it". The operator does, and the alarm
    threshold setting does. But it does not have to. They can detect a paper

    That isn't very bright.
    I have slugs of epoxy that are heavy because they are silver filled.
    They would make great "bullets".

    They do not get detected. I know.

  6. Again, there is a difference between what is detected, detectable, and
    how the machine is set-up. They calibrate it for a certain amount of

    A metal detector can detect a bottle cap six feet away from it, so you
    can bet that the LOOP that you travel INSIDE OF can detect ANY metal that
    you have. The threshold has to be set higher than that though.

    Modern scanners have lights on them that tell the COPerator what area of
    the body the metal is located near. They have been around for well over
    a decade now. Before 911.

    It is just like traffic lights and the threshold for the presence of a
    bicycle or motorcycle. Some lights are set to low and a car will set
    them off, but a bike will not. Those are set AT the traffic controller.

    There are issues in rainy states, and in states where it rains little...
    when it does rain.

    The technology has been around since the early seventies. They need to
    upgrade our traffic control system. Just think of the thousands of jobs
    it would create.

    Think of all the coal the transition from incandescent to LED lamps
    that would be saved.

    I have answers for this nation.

    All you fucks do is stand around and looky here and looky there and
    make guesses at things. I have been watching these problems for decades.
    I have been watching this nation since before the Chicago riots.

    I am still waiting for the idiots in charge that claim to be so
    intelligent, to ever get even one goddamned thing right. 40 fucking
    years of watching, and I see every idiot out there acting dumber than
    Nancy Grace.

    Wake the **** up, America!

  7. There are plastic bread knives at the grocery that I would not mess
    with. The motherfuckers will lay you open!

    That doesn't even mention ceramic blades.

    And are these guys so dumb that they think just because a laptop works,
    it is "safe"?

    If all it takes is a few grams of this stuff, then it could easily be
    incorporated into a working piece of gear. Hell, an electric toothbrush
    would get thru, I'll bet!

    They have a battery, and they have an inductive charging coil in them

    There are a lot of things that should get banned, scanned, or
    otherwise. The most important thing to scan would be FUCKERS' NAMES!

    **** calling it "racial" profiling. It IS profiling, but it is
    INDIVIDUAL, WHO THE FUCJK ARE YOU profiling. THAT is what it should be.

    The airlines should have "Go fly with someone else" lists. It is THEIR
    prerogative as to who they want to allow to fly on their planes, no
    different than an eatery refusing service.

    **** terrorists. **** ALL terrorists! Grind them up into shark food
    for the shark filled moat around the prison for the ones we haven't
    ground up yet!
  8. Guest

    He's lonely this week. No one will talk to him since he went off his meds.
    More like a gnat.
  9. Then again, the value of a knife isn't what it will cut,
    but whether the victim *thinks* it will cut. A plastic
    knife risks laughter, however sharp it is.

    To what extent did the 9/11 terrorists actually *use* the boxcutters?

  10. Said one circus flea to the other.

  11. I am quite certain that all cockpit crew were slaughtered.

    You're an idiot if you think they didn't

    There were stabbings of passengers as well on the flight that was
    thwarted. There were also full on folding pocket knives, not just box

    Have you even watch a single documentary on the events?

    Or are you Rosie O'Retard's little brother?
  12. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    No you didn't and for once I agree with the security guys.
    The stuff that is airside is subject to additional checks. They only
    have your word for it that the can you present is the one you just got
    from the machine and not a swap for one full of liquid explosive.
    Which is fair enough. Australia do the same thing for fruit too.
    For once they are or at least should be telling the truth. Everything
    that goes airside now is meant to be security cleared or trusted source.
    You learn very slowly. This has been the rule for nearly 4 years now.
    Idiot. You do a switch between obviously buying the thing and going
    through the gate. This is a classic sleight of hand switch deception. If
    I wanted to breach airside security I would do something else but that
    is another matter and I don't want to help the terrorists.
    The lines can be long at times and you can easily drink one in the time
    you spend waiting in line. A notice on the machine to remind people with
    zero attention span about the rules might be a good idea though.
    Actually I think they are on the money on this one. Either you open it
    and drink it there or you junk it. Your mistake! The rules on liquids
    being taken airside are *VERY* clear and have been for over 4 years.

    Martin Brown
  13. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    I stand corrected. I wasn't aware of that system deployed in the US.
    However, it is back scatter Xray imaging and the dose is negligible
    compared to the cosmic rays from an hours flight. If the manufacturers
    spec is right the dose for an Xray backscatter image scan at 0.05uSv is
    roughly the same as an extra minute of high altitude flight.
    What is surprising is that it is presented as an image like that. The
    scanners I have seen measure a cylindrical projection of the body.

    High end far infrared imagers were able to do it a long time ago.

    Martin Brown
  14. I submitted white papers on sealing up ALL overseas transport
    containers with RFID seals, and that way any breaches can be spotted, and
    exactly where the breach occurred can be localized and determined.

    It also has the added advantage of keeping out all illegal live
    emigrants, and forces that EVERY container get looked at AS IT gets
    sealed. The doors get sealed, the air gets evacuated (replaced), and the
    corner seals get installed.

    When the container gets here, the lift device (crane) that picks them
    up breaks the seals, verifies their integrity, and sniffs the entire
    container. The dead air in the container will contain traces of ANYTHING
    inside the container in enough ppm to get found out.

    I sent these ideas in nearly ten years ago. It was one of my first
    design ideas post 9/11.

    They are too dumb to do things right in this country any more because
    they are all filled up with brainless, Chicago riot mentality, (Nixon
    Hoodlum) pig mentality retards, and it has gotten to the point where
    nearly anyone in public office is that way. Dumb and dumber.

    Three quarters of the piggery in this nation should be fucking street
    sweepers, and three quarters of the fucktards that run the government
    infrastructure and three quarters of the asswipes in city councils that
    budget it all out. They are all absolute fucking idiots. They certainly
    do not deserve to own houses or have incomes that allow such ownership.
    They have spent the last fifty years fucking the remaining citizenry out
    of their ability to afford houses.

    What was that famous quote about lawyers and politicians?

    The Tea Party Nay Sayers (the idiots *in office* that call the Tea
    Party violent and other things) are proof that the dopes we elect care
    not one goddamned iota for their constituents.


  15. You're an idiot. The items are checked out at the dock, before they get
    *hand trucked* into an area, where the vending machine stuffing gets
    monitored. Any time a cavity like that is opened that is normally
    locked, the tasks being done get monitored. So, it all depends of the
    hierarchy in place in a given city as to whether the airport runs the
    vending machines, or an outside vendor/distributor agreement is in place.
    But the procedure changes very little.

    So, the machine loading and the cash pan recovery are all tasks that
    would be "with escort" tasks and the actual task itself would be
    monitored, regardless of who owns or runs the machines.

    So, your mentality is what has you drawing incorrect conclusions about
    what they do or do not do "airside".

    Shop owners get put through security, just like anyone else, except
    that eventually, they are in a TSA agent's "known personnel" memory
    cache. Their store stock gets put through a security screening at the
    incoming loading dock for the airport, and the stores are all subject to
    search at any time.

    You apparently do not know anything about how secured areas get
    operated, with or without a staff of uniformed personnel on hand to
    facilitate certain tasks.

  16. The custody trail for the sodas is a known thing from manufacture
    through distribution through delivery.

    You act like that is some big deal.

    Not many folks out there with the ability to insert something in a
    closed soda can. Even if one could get raw cans and bare tops to crimp
    on, the crimp machinery takes up football fields of space, and there are
    no home versions.

    Soda distributor delivery truck drivers are all bonded and vetted. That
    has been for decades. Where have you been?
  17. Broken vending machines get replaced on site and get repaired off site.

    Especially in such a setting.
  18. Except now it appears that you are too brainless to know why *you* were
    not overtly scrutinized. Much less why there is no such need as well.

    Are you carrying things onto aircraft over your wireless connections,

    Are you passing anything to a passenger destined for air travel with
    your wireless gear?

    Jeez, dude, you are fucking lost as to why something does or does not
    get done.
  19. More stupidity. ALL idiots like you and even those of us that are
    smart enough to know what is going on, gets escorted into secured areas
    when certain functions are required within the secured area.

    When you are in a secured lab, and all cameras, and cell phones and
    audio recording devices, etc. are banned, and you need the local
    electrical crew to add in a new 40 Amp drop for your new ten rack project
    are needed, they have to get scrutinized before they can enter the lab,
    and be escorted and monitored the entire time they are in the lab.

    Granted, we have contracts with our electrical installer/contractor of
    choice where they send us already previously bonded and vetted personnel,
    but most of their staff is anyway.

    There are protocols for entering a secured area. There are protocols for
    being IN a secured area.

    ALL personnel are known at ALL times, and if you are NOT a standard
    entity, your presence will get treated according to what you are there

    You are not very bright to make posts where it is obvious that you do
    not proofread your own crap before you post it.
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