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Dog Repellers

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by [email protected], Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I want to built a dog repeller using ultra sonic sound. Can some one
    help me with the circuit diagram using a transducer to built the dog
    repeller ?

  2. Alan Holmes

    Alan Holmes Guest

    I find a boot quite effective!
  3. Since dogs hear up to 20 kHz and beyond, while we cannothear beyond
    about 18 kHz, one wants to send sound out at some frequency between
    perhaps 18 kHz and 25 kHz, maybe hgher; depends on the dog breed (no
    known data) and distances invlved. If it is beyond 100' (30m), the
    higher frequencies may not propagate well.

    Any piezelectric "beeper" can be driven at these high frequencies to
    produce useable sound. At those ultrasound frequencies, it must be used
    like a flashlight (torch), directing it at the area intended to be

    Build an oscillator to run at theat frequency, then drive the
    piezoelectrin by capacitively coupling it (.01 uf for instance) to the
    oscillator output.

    Obtain two such beeper elements; one to dive, the outher to receive so
    you can trace what you are doing, find beamwidths, etc.

    The reciver is just attached to the input of a braodband audio
    amplifier, and either present its outpot on an oscilloscope, or rectify
    it to hear your raspy envelope while developing this repeller prototype.

    As to the frequency and envelope; you will have to experiment... a raspy
    envelope (we call it "the rasberry") (pulsed at 10-50/sec for instance)
    might discourage the dogs from the area. Ther are ther schemes, I am
    sure, subject to invention.

    As to the frequency, it's hard to determine... Best to build a battery
    powered hand-held unit prototype, and carry it about the neighborhood,
    and flash a few mutts, to determine their reaction, and adjust the
    frequecy and the rasberry to suit.

    Good luck

    Angleo Campanella
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