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Does USB "connector" = socket or plug or both?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Jon D, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Jon D

    Jon D Guest

    Can you explain the what the term "connector" refers to?

    I would have *guessed* that "connector" refers to bothe the socket and
    the plug.

    But when I look at a chart of USB plug and socket dimensions
    then I see "connector" being used to describe only the socket.


    What is the correct usage of the term "connector" with respect to
  2. contrex

    contrex Guest

    There is no rule. The term can be applied freely to plugs and sockets
    depending on the preference of the writer or speaker. Why do you think
    that there has to be an officially correct usage? English dictionaries
    have been descriptivist for about 150 years. Digital computers are a
    comparatively recent development.
  3. Mike T.

    Mike T. Guest

    The connector refers to the physical connection. In the case of USB
    connectors, it refers to both the plug and the socket that the plug goes
    into. If it's being used to refer to the socket only, it might be *assumed*
    that the device you are going to use with it has the plug on it
    lready. -Dave
  4. JAD

    JAD Guest

    connector identifies the type of interface being attached. firewire - USB (mini ,A
    ,B) -serial- parallel -IDE -SATA -Molex
  5. Guest

    Like others have said, the nomenclature depends on the application.
    Your question is therefore unclear--what do you mean by "socket" and

    For this application, find the answer to your question in chapter 6 of
    Connector is the generic term; it covers sockets, plugs, receptacles,

    I've used "plug" to mean "the thing that is at the end of a cord", and
    "receptacle" to mean "the thing that is mounted in the cabinet", and
    "socket" to mean "something at your house, but we don't have any in
    the plant".

    Of course, when your electrician calls the thing in the cabinet a
    "socket" you don't argue with him unless you never want to get any
    work done again. Especially since he's probably been doing this for
    forty years and will teach you many valuable things if you listen...;)
  6. MassiveProng

    MassiveProng Guest

    In THAT particular case, there IS a standard definition.

    The socket is fixed, or attached, and the plug is the moving part, or
    part at the end of a cable that gets plugged into the fixed location

    A connector refers to any electrical device or system that allows
    two separate segments of a circuit to interconnect with each other.

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