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Does this look right?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    You didn't look very hard.

    Good Luck!
  2. Linear Technology refers to the spice simulator by two names. At the
    download it is called SwitcherCad.
  3. Guest

    Thanks, I saw several programs there but I assumed it would be called
    LT Spice.
  4. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    It's also known as "SwitcherCAD III" or something similar.

    I liked it better than EWB.

  5. Richard

    Richard Guest


    Before you start hurling epithets, you should lurk awhile to learn a little
    about what others know. Most, though not all, of the people that reply to
    posts on this group are quite knowledgable about electronics. Your statement
    in response to Pooh Bear "My guess is you don't know anymore about
    electronics than I do." is illogical; he knew you couldn't place an ammeter
    in parallel and get an accurate circuit current reading - you didn't. QED.

    EWB is not my first choice, but it was, and still is, required by some
    colleges. For instance, Old Dominion University's EE and EET programs use
    texts that specifical present EWB examples. They also have the software
    available at a reduced cost (student version). The fact is, many companies
    are using EWB, whether we like it or not, so it may be worthwhile learning
    something about it.

    Whether you use EWB, SPICE, or any other similar software, you still have to
    know something about how the test equipment is used. The virtual instruments
    connect to the circuit in the same way as the real instruments.

    You demonstrated a gap in your knowledge, and in your understanding of the
    replies, by your statements and questions. You really shouldn't get so upset
    when someone points that out. I can't speak for everyone, but at 57, I still
    learn something new every day; it is what makes it worthwhile to get out of

    Good luck if you decide to search for knowledge. Be civil and others will
    usually be the same.

  7. Guest

    I liked it better than EWB.


    EWB is expensive. Out of reach for the average hobbiest.
  8. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    If you're going to post in an electronics group it's not too much to ask
    that you understand at least Ohm's Law and some basics about current flow
    in circuits.

  9. In the basics group, yes, that is too much to ask.
  10. Guest

    I understand Ohms law perfectly and If you had any real knowlege, that
    is being able to apply what you read on the internet, perhaps you
    wouldn't feel the need to insult poeple. You see there is a REAL
    DIFFERANCE between aquired knowlege and applied knowlege and it's funny
    that you lurk in a BASICS NG and insult beginners. Why don't you go to
    electronics design and take on Sam Goldwasser or someone like him with
    your crap. I bet you won't will you?
  11. Never Mind

    Never Mind Guest

    For somebody connecting an ammeter as you did, I find that hard to

    Graham is still correct, in that you show a fundamental lack of the basics
    of electricity.
    ITYM there is a big difference between Knowledge and Understanding. As you
    demonstrate quite well.

    I suppose you don't consider "stupid mother fuckers" an insult then?
  12. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    No, you don't. You've only just learned that the current in a
    series circuit is everywhere the same in that circuit, but you
    didn't know enough before that to _not_ connect the ammeter in
    parallel with one of the resistors, thereby shorting that resistor
    out and removing it from the circuit, causing the current in the
    circuit to increase
    I haven't read through this whole thread, so I may be mistaken, but
    ISTM that what's got you riled up is that you were corrected in what
    you think was an insulting way.

    I don't think you were, and I think you were the first one to issue
    epithets, which is unbecoming of a neophyte.

    You need to realize that when you're wrong and your error is
    corrected and presented to you by someone who knows more than you
    do, that they're doing you a favor by dragging you out of the

    Your reaction to being corrected was, as I see it, the reaction of
    someone who was shown the solution to a simple magic trick and then,
    instead of thanking the magician, blamed the magician because the
    trick was simple and you couldn't figure it out for yourself. A
    cheap way of getting out of debt, no?


    See what I mean?

    All of a sudden you get real nasty and start spouting ridiculous
    recriminations designed to try to make your teacher(s) seem
    insignificant in order to keep from having to admit that you owe
    them. A cheap trick used to try to convince yourself that you could
    have done it without them, so you owe them nothing.
  13. Guest

    Graham is still correct, in that you show a fundamental lack of the
    of electricity.

    That's why I am here asking questions. However, I am more than
    capable of grasping Ohm's law.
  14. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    The OP's fundamental misunderstanding is shown in his very first post where
    he says " the amp meter reports over 8A across the resistor " and then
    repeats the *across* comment later.

    Failure to understand that current flows *through* a resistor and that
    *voltage* is measured across them is about as basic as it gets !

    The OP would do well to study Ohm's Law followed by Kirchoff, Norton and

  15. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

  16. Before passing final judgment, perhaps you should. Sure the OP's
    question sounded naive to someone with decades of experience. However,
    you and even the great Pooh had to start with the basics too. I could
    be wrong, but I'm betting that you guys weren't born knowing this stuff
    inside out.
    I'm thinking that the OP thought this statement was just a tad bit
    "You're an idiot. Go learn something about Ohms Law for starters."
    Personally, I wouldn't classify that as constructive criticism, but
    that's just me. This is S.E.B. after all.
    Actually Pooh was the first to make with the childish insults and, IMO,
    he should have fully expected the response that he got from the OP.
    Hurling petty insults probably shouldn't be confused with enlightening
    I don't think the OP was offended by being "corrected", I believe it was
    the unnecessary insults that pissed him off.

    Not really, are you starting with the spelling flames again? You often
    end sentences with a preposition, but does anyone ever bother making a
    grammatical issue of that?
  17. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    Let's see. I said that after the OP had already had the mistake pointed out
    to him and totally ignored it and gone off at a tangent.

    OP " the amp meter reports over 8A across the resistor. I thought the
    amps would be very low across a resistor in this kind of circuit "

    ( re-reading it my mind boggles at what was meant by 'this kind of circuit'
    - but nm )

    Lacy " You can not measure current across the resistor. You need to put
    the ammeter in series with the circuit "

    OP " That's what I thought. So the program is lying to me. He he and
    they want over $2000 to license it. "

    Pooh " You don't get amps *across* a resistor.You're an idiot. Go learn
    something about Ohms Law for starters. "

    I stand by my comment even it was harsh. The OP clearly doesn't understand
    Ohm's Law.

  18. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  19. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  20. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    I admit it was harsh. Subsequent posts suggest I had the OP 'spot on'
    though. Call it second sense or whatever.

    His errors were pointed out on multiple occasions and not once did he
    apparently comprehend what was being explained. Indeed he dismissed some
    very relevant comments. I have no time for those who ask for help and then
    disregard the correct advice. They are truly worse than useless and there
    are way too many of them around these days. A classic example of 'dumbing

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