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Does price matter anymore?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Chris F., May 12, 2006.

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  1. Chris F.

    Chris F. Guest

    In the past couple of months, my already-poor sales of used electronics
    has dropped right through the floor. Absolutely nothing is selling anymore.
    I'm going to lower my prices even more in an attempt to get rid of my stock,
    but it occurred to me that maybe it doesn't really matter. Perhaps consumers
    are so determined to buy new, that they'll ignore even the best bargains on
    used electronics. A fellow tech I recently talked to, is now trying to sell
    off his 27" stereo sets for just $75 - and he still can't get rid of them.
    Even folks at charities like the Salvation Army are getting picky about the
    sets they take FOR FREE. Well, at least there's one guy who will always take
    my stuff - he comes by once a week with his big white truck.....
    I thought things were bad last year, but it seems like the writing is
    really on the wall now. Oh for another job, so I could just dump my stuff
    and move on to something better.
  2. Chance

    Chance Guest

    Yup people don't even take their old sets to have them looked at
    anymore. Which is great for a curb scavenger with a bit of techinal
    know how. I have a 25'' zenith with remote that I fixed some bad
    solider joints in the tuner. I'm trying to sell for $50 I've only had
    one call and it's in the paper now. I couldn't tell you how many TV's,
    Pc's, PC moniters, and stereos I have found by the curb that were 5
    minute fixes. I once found a set of AR 2X speakers that were perfect
    except for dirty pots, needless to say they are staying in my
    collection. I once got a 17'' PC moniter that the only thing wrong
    with it it needed a focus adjustment. It's still as good as a new one
    and thats been close to 2 years ago. It's really sad now a days we all
    know the stuff they bought to replace the stuff we've ressurected won't
    last half as long and have the build quality of the stuff they threw

  3. Chris F.

    Chris F. Guest

    a new one
    I sometimes wonder if that's actually part of the reason people buy new
    stuff. Think about it; in this day and age, people don't want to commit to
    anything - a job, a car, a religion, or even a marriage - so why would they
    want to commit their TV stand to the same set for 15 or 20 years? Like so
    many things in life, people want something they can acquire easily, have
    some fun with for a while, and then dump when they get tired of it.
    Commitment has become a dirty word to todays hedonists - and someday they're
    going to be very sorry. And the only sympathy they'll get from me is an "I
    told you so".
  4. The cost of replacement parts exceeds the value of the equipment in many

    I'm throwing away a perfectly usable 300w APC UPS because the cost of a
    new battery (yes, even on eBay) is greater than what it costs me to buy
    a new UPS at Staples.
  5. I'd sell the ups on ebay or use it for a 12v inverter

    - Mike
  6. Ray L. Volts

    Ray L. Volts Guest

    Then again, why put even $75 into an old NTSC TV when the set won't even be
    able to receive NTSC broadcasts a couple years from now? When their old set
    dies, they're putting that $75 into the new HDTV flat panel they already
    wanted. As for the Salvation Army, perhaps they're concerned about
    incurring disposal fees for old unsold units that crap out before they can
    move them.
  7. Actually Mike the inverter idea is a really good one!. Although I
    recognized that the battery is a 12V 7AH gel cel it hadn't sunk in that
    all I need is a cigarette lighter cord out of my junk box and I'll have
    some emergency power. Not much power of course, but better than nothing
    should the hurricanes hit us again this year.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Chris F.

    Chris F. Guest

    Only one problem with that idea....... every APC UPS I've seen must be
    connected to a 120V source to start up - you can't start them from the 12V
    battery alone. So unless you have a normal inverter to start it with, it's
    pretty much useless in a power outage.
  9. Chris F.

    Chris F. Guest

    Then again, why put even $75 into an old NTSC TV when the set won't even
    now? When their old set

    A set made in 2004 is considered old? If that's the case, I should donate
    most of my stock to the nearest museum.
    Yeah, they've been predicting the death of NTSC for years now, in fact it
    was supposed to have been phased out at least 6 years ago. I think it's
    pointless to push everything towards HDTV; like Andy Rooney said, what's the
    point of a better delivery system, if there's nothing on worth watching?
    There will long be a demand for NTSC sets, as long as people hang on to
    their DVD's and VHS cassettes. I intend to keep a hoard of old NTSC stuff
    long after the format is gone, because I simply refuse to follow the trend.
    Even if I can't watch current broadcasts anymore, like I said, there's
    nothing worth watching anyway.
  10. Good thing I didn't go looking for that cigaratte lighter cord yet!

    Thanks for the info. I'll just put the UPS back in the junk box.
  11. Stan

    Stan Guest

    And what about AM Broadcast Band radio? Any future for that? FM also?

    Goes against the grain to have to 'pay' a monthly subscription to listen to
    satellite radio etc.

    If some broadcaster 'wants' me to listen they can attract by making it free
    for whenever, or if, I wish to turn it on!

    I'll even tolerate 'some' commercials; although on TV the existing 20
    minutes per half hour of programming versus 9 minutes of
    announcements/commercials (not including the channels that are ALL
    selling/advertising!) for which I pay either the cable or satellite company
    are becoming a bore. i.e. very little on worth watching and it is constantly
    interrupted by said advertising; often the same advert several times each
    hour. Bah, humbug.

    Less on shortwave now too!

    However: One of the more interesting is that CBC (Canadian Broadcasting
    Corp.) Radio One, (basically CBCs 'Home Service' for each of the regions of
    this huge country, after about midnight Eastern Time, carries half hour
    items from various networks around the world (in English). These typically
    include Holland, Germany, Australia, BBC, Sweden, Poland and many others.
    Often leave it on bedside radio at very low volume until 6.00 AM (local
    time) next morning, when it reverts to local broadcasting. CBC is available
    on the internet at < > which itself is a sign of the times.

  12. J

    J Guest

    Time to get into modern art. Start welding crap together. Call the shop a
    gallery, bribe some local newspapers... Your message could be disposable
    society... that's not cliche or anything.

  13. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    IMO, items that should sell well are turntables and amps with RIAA
    phono preamp stages. I'm currently converting about 300 LPs to CDA and
    MP3 format. Of course, if your old equipment is anything like mine
    (30+ years), you will need to lube all the pots and switches. I
    suppose you could also package each stand-alone turntable with a
    soundcard-ready RIAA preamp.

    Another useful item may be those old furniture-style TV cabinets, eg
    those made by Philips/Kriesler. Swap out the electronics and you'll
    have a modern set with a vintage feel.

    - Franc Zabkar
  14. lsmartino

    lsmartino Guest

    Chris F. ha escrito:
    Are you sure?

    I have several APC UPS models which can be started from cold using the
    internal battery. The models are BE500R, BK250 and BK380.

    In the other hand, I have a TrippLite UPS model BC250 which cannot be
    started from the battery. It should be connected to a 120VAC source
    prior to startup.
  15. Chris F.

    Chris F. Guest

    I guess I haven't seen too many APC units. Those units you mentioned must be
    the exception rather than the rule....
  16. lsmartino

    lsmartino Guest

    Chris F. ha escrito:
    It could be. The BE500R is a very recent model, while the others two
    are a bit old... probably from year 2000 or before.
  17. J spake thus:
    Only problem is, all this new crap is almost all plastic, so no metal to
    weld to.
  18. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    There's a major midwestern university in my community. With lots of
    students, there's lots of transient people buying and selling their
    consumer electronics every semester. 27" stereo TV's are commonly
    available for $ 50.

    The Salvation Army and other thrift stores are much more selective
    than they used to be:

    * The Salvation Army used to train people in TV and appliance repair.
    Those programs disappeared a few years ago. So now they require that
    donations be in good working condition.

    * The cost to dispose of the unsellable items is very high. The
    Salvation Army pays commercial rates. Our local store gets drop
    offs, and they have to dispose of at least 50% of what's left
    there overnight. Just because they got it "for free" doesn't mean
    it has any value.

    * Wired communities have local newsgroups or craigslist that makes
    it much easier to find used stuff. So there's a lot less need to
    go to a shop.
  19. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    Yeah, I used to listen to a lot of international news and old american
    Jazz on shortwave. Now there's hardly anything but high powered
    christian evangelist stations.
  20. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    You'd have to have some pretty unique vinyl to need to transcribe it
    these days. Even most of the really obscure music I had on LP appears
    on CD these days. I'm still holding onto a handful of laserdiscs,
    though, which haven't appeared on DVD yet.

    Magnavox cabinets were made by Baker Furniture for a few years in the
    seventies. Throw the TV away but keep the fine wood cabinet.
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