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Does anyone have any experience with the Honda GS series?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Daniel Who Wants to Know, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. I noticed that Neon John was using a GC on his cordless battery charger and
    since I need a good reliable small engine I was wondering about the GS
    series. In theory it seems OK being just a GC with an added cylinder sleeve
    and ball main bearings for the crank but I hope to hear from someone who has
    actually put some hours on one and knows how well they run and any known
    quirks to work around. The one that I am looking at most is the GS190.
  2. Hi,Im new to the group so I hope this is not an invasion.To answer
    Your question I have 2 gc and 2gs engines that we run on air
    compressors on heavy equipment repair trucks.The reason I have them is
    because they work flawlessly I really would not even care to guess the
    amount of hours on them.Two are about a year old the other two are 4
    or 5 years old.They run several hours each day under full load and use
    very little oil,they normally start on the first pull hot or cold and
    they require little maintenance.I highly recomend them to any one who
    needs a long life engine.

    Not an invasion to me. Thanks for your answer I feel more at ease about
    getting one now. I just might manage to annoy the "B&S rule the world"
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