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Does anybody have a TEKTRONIX 5441 oscilloscope..?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by gianni miglio, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi Boys !

    More for pride than other, I started with the impossible endeavour to
    repair an old TEK 5441 oscilloscope of the years seventies. No
    troubles at a first glance: I have yet an other working unit of the
    same type and I am equipped with manual and schematics.
    The issue under repair (serial n° B093328) has been heavily modified
    by TEKTRONIX in the HV, orizontal ampl. & storage sections. No trace
    of these changes on internet or the manuals in my hands.
    Lacking this data, any effort became impossible.
    In short:
    Does anybody have schematics of the B09XXXXX series of the 5441 scope,
    or any notice about the above-mentioned modifies...?
    Thanks anyway to all those will read my message.

    Best wishes,

    Gianni I4-MGA
    Bologna, Italy
  2. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    (gianni miglio) wrote in
    if your scope is an authentic TEK "Modified Product"(changes special-
    ordered by buyers),it should have a foil sticker on it somewhere with the
    Mod Prod number;you need that to even begin to search for data.

    AFAIK,the ONLY source for Modified Product info is the TEK microfiche,or
    the original manual that was supplied with the modified product.
    Also,TEK microfiche used to have a "mod summary" section with production
    engineering changes by serial numbers.(not part of the "Modified Products")

    Please understand that other companies often bought 5000 series scopes and
    modified them on their own,NOT authentic TEK mods.
    Data for those will be impossible to obtain.Those companies often did not
    document their mods.
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