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Dodgy H11F1 opto-FET's?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Lostgallifreyan, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone got any thoughts about this:

    I asked the seller about postage from Germany to UK, and sending secure
    delivery of euros as he doesn't use PayPal, and the seller didn't answer my
    questions but instead responded with this:

    "We have got 2000stk (H11F1 DC/ 9922) and 1000stk (H11F1 DC/ 9934) , when
    you want you can buy it all. What would you pay for?"

    I don't recognise those codings from Fairchild's site, so I asked about
    that, and why they're specified as Shmitt trigger FET when Fairchild
    specify them for high linearity and use as a variable resistance, something
    Schmitt responses aren't designed for. I allowed for the possibility that
    Fairchild might not be the only makers, and asked about that too. I've
    twice asked this now, three days apart, but the seller refuses to reply.

    This looks extremely dodgy to me, surely someone who knows what they're
    selling would answer quickly to someone who sounded like they knew what
    they might be buying and wasn't sure of a few details.
  2. Guest

    What is it that you fail to recognize? The seller seems to be less
    than fluent in English as he wrote "2000stk" and "1000stk" (i.e. "2000
    Stück" and "1000 Stück" ) for "2000 pieces" and "1000 pieces". The
    Fairchild H11F1 datasheet specifies the datecode as XXYY where XX =
    two digit year code, and YY = two digit work week ranging from 01 to
    53. So that looks ok.
    He is probably fed up with English that is above his head and with
    technical details he doesn't know about (like what uses the things can
    advantageously be put to, and who in the world has made them) and may
    also fear trouble. It can be a headache to transfer "small" amounts of
    money between Britain and Euroland. Among his payment options are Cash
    on Collection (how does this work?), Cash On Delivery (if the
    international carrier cooperates), and Bank Transfer (which can be

    (Btw, it's "Schmitt trigger" :).)
    I had a look at the offer, and the above are my thoughts. Can't spot
    anything obviously dodgy here.

    Martin (who owes you a reply).
  3. You're the seller, or is there some other reason you owe me a reply?
    I didn't mean the 'stk', I recognised that means 'schtuck'. Anyway, thanks
    for clarifying the datecode thing, I didn't know that's what was meant
    there, and the seller didn't say despite me asking twice. A person who
    knows something can NEVER blame someone for ignorance when that someone
    directly asks, it's far easier and faster to answer. Re 'Schmitt', I know,
    but I write typos a lot.

    Sending euros by secure delivery is by far the least trouble for the
    seller. It amounts to cash in hand, If he doesn't get it, he doesn't send
    the goods.

    If he thought I was too much trouble, isn't it a bit odd that the first
    move he makes is to try to sell me the entire 3000? The auction's only for
    250. I won't go for it though, if he can't tell me the postage in advance
    so I have that in writing before the bid is place, or tell me if he can
    accept a payment method I can do, I'm not having anything to do with it.
    Doesn't matter how fed up he might be, he's supposed to answer questions
    like those on eBay.
  4. That's my impression too-- a seller who likely has dubious English
    skills, and almost surely doesn't really understand what he is selling
    (It's not uncommon for eBay sellers to get stuff by auctions or
    whatever that they don't really understand). Of course that increases
    the risk that you'll get something other than what you think.. I'd be
    a lot more confident if there was a photo, but the first two
    conclusions would remain.

    Note also that he appears to have tried to sell the bulk of his stock
    to you outside of eBay. While not unusual, it's not really kosher.

    To summarize- I don't think it's a scam either, just a German guy
    trying to make a few spare EURs.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  5. Sounds about right. He still won't respond though, he doesn't seem to want
    to sell them to me. Odd for someone who a few days ago wanted me to buy

    I'll have to leave it, if I bid he can charge me a million bucks for
    postage if he wants. He can certainly hike it up massively if he thinks
    the bidding was too low. And he can force a formal dispute and leave me bad
    feedback if he wants when I refuse to pay excess. Traps should not be
    walked into, it doesn't matter if they were intentionally laid or not.

    There are certain basic ways to handle eBay and one of those is to answer
    questions from buyers, especially those that relate to postal charges and
    payment methods.

    I get annoyed too by awkward questions from Europe either in fragmented
    english or not in english at all, but I try to answer every one, after
    taking whatever means necessary to get unambiguous translation. If I can't
    hack that I do the only thing that makes sense to me, I change my listings
    to eliminate the possibility. If I open up to it I expect to have to deal
    with it.

    Still wondering why Martin owes me a reply. :) I didn't think anyone owed
    me anything...
  6. Guest

    On the German eBay page


    the (national) postage is given as Euro 10.00 (this excludes
    insurance). This is a bit on the high side, but within reason.

    On October 20, the seller added the remarks "Keine Garantie oder
    Gewährleistung" (no warranty) and "Kein Rückgaberecht" (no right of
    return). These are probably a reaction to queries, but they are no
    unusual conditions either.

  7. National. I asked about international. He never answered. If answering that
    is too hard to do, but expecting me to go outside eBay for all 3000 is
    preferable then I don't want to do business with the man. As it is, none of
    his accepted payment methods give ANY protection for eBayers. Curious, no?
    Most companies say that for new stuff too. I have no problem with that.
  8. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Within the EU AIUI, postage is supposed to be the same as national postage to
    any country within the Union.

    OTOH if the guy won't answer questions, I'd have nothing to do with him.

  9. He finally responded. Took three tries over five days but it worked. He
    wants 20 euros to send to the UK. Steep. Very. But not insane. He wants
    Western Union though. While they're not as dodgy as eBay say they are, it's
    still true that the seller ONLY accepts payment methods that offer NO
    protection to the buyer! At least with insured banknotes sent by Airsure, I
    get to claim them off the post office if they go awol, and so far far he
    won't accept a method than gives me ANY cover, let alone cover against
    problems caused by the seller directly.

    It's not a great way to do international business. If he wants to restrict
    that much, he ought to have appropriately restricted his market area to the
    country he's in.
  10. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    A demand to use Western Union is ridiculous within the EU.

    Frankly he should take Paypal IMHO.

  11. He's in West Germany, so I agree, might have been different in East Germany
    still. If you go far enough east, you get to places where PayPal lets you
    spend but not receive. I just think he should accept euro bank notes. Most
    people in Europe seem to be ok with that, cash is cash. Beats paying £30
    for a wire transfer. If we have to pay brokerage charges and all sorts of
    special surcharges and go through awkwardness of a kind that most business
    gratefully left behind when we got cheap computing and reduced EU border
    controls, then it makes eBay a nonsense, it would be cheaper to buy the
    parts from the original maker, in that kind of quantity.

    Only way that won't be true is if the bidding is so low because of lack of
    willingness to jump hurdle's of the seller's making, and for that, the
    seller would only have himself to blame.
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