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Do you use a dash cam in your car?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by cameo, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. cameo

    cameo Guest

    After seeing all those Russian dash cam videos from Russia lately, those
    cams just might get popular even in the US. I'd like to hear from
    anybody using them and how useful (or nuisance) they are in practice.
  2. Guest

    The Russians have them because insurance fraud and hit-n-run are so
    rampant that the companies won't pay unless you have proof of the

    Besides, I heard that they attract meteorites. ...or was that AGW?
  3. Neon John

    Neon John Guest

    I have a system in my vehicle. I originally bought it for the year I
    spent driving a semi truck, seeing the country and getting paid for it
    :) The DOT cops in some states are infamously corrupt so that was my

    I got a 4 channel security system DVR that ran on 12 volts. I have
    three cameras. One on the dash, one mounted at the rear of the front
    window so it can see a cop and watch the rear view mirror and a third
    one mounted above the rear window, designed to watch a cop doing a car
    search and planting dope or something.

    Fortunately I've never had to use the system for what it is intended.
    It did save me a major hassle in the truck one night. This DVR system
    had motion sensing where one could select an area of the screen to
    monitor and it would alarm if motion was sensed.

    When I went to bed at night I'd turn on the alarm that monitored the
    rear view mirror. Seems a popular stunt to do to noob drivers is to
    come around in the night and pull the trailer release handle. In the
    morning when one does his hitch integrity check (tug the trailer with
    the trailer brakes set), the tractor drives right out from under the
    trailer, letting it fall on its landing gear. It is a major effort to
    crank the landing jack back up enough to re-hitch.

    Anyway, my alarm caught a guy doing that. I didn't make it out of the
    sleeper in time to grab him but it did save me from driving out from
    under the trailer.

    Before the DVR, I always carried a little digital recorder in my shirt
    pocket. Press one button to start recording. I caught a cop
    soliciting a bribe during a traffic stop. Got him fired but
    unfortunately not prosecuted.

    As far as hassles, there really are none once the system is installed.
    The DVR has a real time clock and runs a 2 week "loop" on the hard

    I put a very high quality camera on the dash. One of the nice things
    about that was that if I drove past some unusually interesting
    scenery, I could later retrieve it to my laptop. I learned to put my
    hand over the lens for a few seconds after passing the scene of
    interest to give me some black to look for when searching the video

    I think that as cops continue to get more militaristic and corrupt,
    some sort of video recording is going to be a must - just like in

    John DeArmond
    Tellico Plains, Occupied TN
    See website for email address
  4. cameo

    cameo Guest

    Interesting stuff but I bet the gear costed you a fortune though.
  5. miso

    miso Guest

    Cops? I worry more about the TSA VIPR. Homeland security is simply out
    of control.

    I had a good looking woman flash me on Flamingo in Vegas. Twice
    actually, though the second flash was because I managed to catch up to
    the car.

    The flasher was in the back seat on the passenger side. The woman in the
    front passenger seat might have been recording. Hard to tell, but I
    never found myself on youtube, so maybe she was just watching.
  6. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    Really? I bet that can be done today for under us$1000. The price has
    been coming down fast for almost 20 years though.

  7. Guest

    You should have emailed a still of the a-hole to the state police, chances are he was already known. Sounds like a high grade misdemeanor vandalism with upgrade to a felony on a second offense.
  8. cameo

    cameo Guest

    Yes, that would be my expectation, too. Certainly below $200 for me.
  9. If you get a Bluetooth OBDII adapter and a a holder for your Android
    mini-tablet or smartphone with a back camera, you can overlay gauges
    over the video and record on an SD or TF card. The former is not much
    more than $10.

    One Android app is called "Torque", Brit I think. It's something like
    $5. A bit buggy so far.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  10. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    Interestingly these systems have spiked interest in several places. In
    another newsgroup people where complaining that the lifespan of most
    systems is short. A car is a hostile environment for electronics.
  11. cameo

    cameo Guest

    Thanks, but my car has OBDI only.
  12. cameo

    cameo Guest

    Hm, one more reason not to buy an expensive one?
  13. rickman

    rickman Guest

    Interesting story.

    Why do you think cops are getting *more* corrupt? There has always been
    corruption and there will always *be* corruption. But has it increased?
    My impression is that the police force has largely gotten less corrupt
    in that many of the small town cons can't be done anymore. Speed traps
    on major roads is a good example. If enough complaints come in someone
    from the state will show up is my understanding.
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