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do you know science?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by RichD, May 24, 2013.

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  1. RichD

    RichD Guest

    I have these little quiz problems, intended for Joe Sixpack,
    to delve their beliefs about basic science. I've posted some here.

    So, "drinking through a straw, how does that work?"
    "well, you suck in the liquid, duh!"
    "yeah, but what makes the liquid go up the straw?"
    "you suck it in, obviously!"
    "This sucking thing - is that like a pressure differential,
    outside air pressure pushes it?"
    "No, air pressure isn't enough, you have tio PULL it!"

    They don't get it. They sort of understand respiration -
    atmospheric pressure pushes air into your lungs - but
    that clearly doesn't explain the straw; water is too
    dense, air pressure can't push that!

    Similarly with a vacuum cleaner, the machine PULLS the air..

    It's an example of the First Law, the Law of Mind Boggle:
    if you can't imagine something, it can't be true.

    Try it on your friends and business associates -
  2. Frank

    Frank Guest

    I like to compare with functional illiteracy which can be 20% in the US:

    Not sure what term would apply to knowledge of science but would think
    scientific illiteracy would be considerably higher.

    I get concerned when teachers teach my granddaughter the evils of man
    made global warming or advantages of electric cars before she has even
    had a basic science course.
  3. Sorry, that doesn't even begin to address the real issue. Here's a
    web page that does:–Kruger_effect

    Even the functionally literate are often unskilled and unaware of it.
    These newsgroups are well known for that sort.
    Dream on.
    For the past ~50 years educators have thought social sciences to be
    far more important than the hard sciences. In fact they've come to
    believe that because you can fake the former, you can just as easily
    fake the latter. And you can see it in postings here as well. That vile
    evil grows as silently as any cancer.

  4. We can start with you, and your abjectly ignorant Zimmerman Complex
    Disorder, which you just made a perfect display of.
  5. benj

    benj Guest

    Sure just look here at all the people who call everyone else "morons" but
    when cornered can't handle a simple high school science problem.
    As well you should be concerned given that the schools are substituting
    politics and political propaganda for science. I'm sure you know that
    "education majors" are the bottom of the barrel in any college in spite
    of all the media adulation over how wonderful and dedicated and giving
    they all are. No greater admiration and praise in the media is ever found
    except when speaking of themselves!

    And physical science has always been a major mystery to school teachers
    and no wonder. Do they take physics like all the other majors have to?
    Nay. They get to take "physics appreciation" which is physics with all
    the math stripped out so some of them can pass! I remember when I was a
    kid in school wading through our stupid science book learning the names
    of flower parts and frog organs. I couldn't wait to get to the back of
    that book where the physical science stuff was. Well too bad! When we
    finally got there the teacher just skipped it all! At the time I didn't
    realize it was because none were competent to understand or teach it. I
    learned that later.

    So maybe there are Nobel prize winners in your town and maybe they are
    even civic minded enough to help with a few science classes. Well,
    fergeddaboutit. They are not ALLOWED to teach science because they aren't
    "qualified". They haven't been trained on HOW to teach and jumped through
    the bureaucratic hoops. But what if some government bureaucrat does his
    "duty" by showing up to thump the AGW bible and extol the benefits of
    ending civilization as we know it with a huge energy (euphemistically
    called "carbon") tax, well, no qualifications needed for brainwashing and
    indoctrination of children.

    So you might as well get it though your head now, your granddaughter is
    NEVER going to get a "science course" in a public school unless it's some
    huge big city school. And even then it's a throw of the dice.

    And why not? The problem is YOU! Pervert school administrators abuse
    children, scare them to death, and ruin their lives over nonsense like
    pointing a chicken leg and saying "bang" or eating a pop tart into a gun
    shape. They haul them off in handcuffs to meet Bubba in jail and give
    them records that make sure they spend their lives flipping burgers. And
    yet nobody speaks up for the children. Nobody says these perverts need to
    be not only FIRED but also sued and lose their houses RIGHT NOW! Nobody
    and that includes YOU ever says a peep.

    So until you stand up at a school board meeting and DEMAND thats these
    perverts be fired, then just shut up like a good little sheeple.
  6. That depends on who was paying for the education.
    I made some statements of fact. Where did the "protest" question
    come from?
  7. benj

    benj Guest

    Yeah trees have to "suck it up" these days!

    This is a question I bet few here know the answer to let alone how sap is
    pumped ANY vertical distance let alone more than 32 feet. Hint. It's
  8. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Advantage(s) of electric cars: they plainly increase air and thermal
    pollution (a) requires more coal to be burned for the extra electrical
    power guzzled (b) adds extra energy wasting step to move that hunk of iron.
  9. benj

    benj Guest

    Obviously "GREEN" illiteracy is the highest of all!

    Advantage(s) of electric cars: they plainly increase air and thermal
    Advantage of electric cars is that they move CO2 production from
    individual autos (harder to measure and tax) to several central CO2
    belching locations making taxation much easier to compute.

    It makes no difference if that produces more CO2 than the other way or if
    burning coal belches out heavy metals and all manner of other dire
    pollutions because the goal isn't clean air but trillions of dollars. Get
    the picture?
  10. benj

    benj Guest

    Actually capillarity is only a small part of the picture. The basic tree
    question, however has a very simple answer not dependent upon pumping

    Actually it's "bumble bees" not "bees" and that simply shows that theory
    that doesn't agree with reality is bullshit. Math is NOT more real than

    Where are all those mensa brains? They know everything. How does sap get
    up those trees?
  11. outsider

    outsider Guest

    They knew enough to "get outa town" so they picked up their
    toys and left to go play in a private kindergarten.
    The sap puts on climbing gear and up s/he goes. Even a child
    can do it!
  12. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Could be a whole new thread. There are scientists, particularly in
    academia, that push the green thing without factoring in the unintended

    Nice thing about spending most of my career in industry was having to
    know all of the consequences of manufacturing a new invention. Profit
    was the bottom line and you had to consider everything including cost of
    producing a clean product and its environmental effect. If there was no
    good bottom line, you would not make the product.

    The political scientists running everything these days should stick to
    politics. They sure ain't scientists.
  13. Why do people often say "Remember,", then spout something that's not
    quite right?

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  14. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    The process is called "capillary", wich all by itself has that
    theoretical limit.
    Remember, bees theoretically cannot fly.
  15. benj

    benj Guest

    Mensa just ain't what it used to be!
  16. Mahipal

    Mahipal Guest

    Venturi Tube fluid mechanics...

    I cannot imagine having read that true law.

    No one can even spell Usenet let alone pronounce it. So, not well
    known at all.

    Interesting dilemma you have there with your grandkids. Any advice?

    "I fight Stupidity and Stupidity always wins." John Cougar Mellencamp
    born October 7, 1951 and he might have used the string "Authority" in
    the audio realm.
    What is the longest word or the longest human name in Gaelic? since "The Sap also rises"
    but only in feet, never in meters, and only this high.

    -- Mahipal
  17. Zerkon

    Zerkon Guest

    ... electricity runs and cars drive.

  18. One can "pull" a rope. Try "pushing" one.
  19. That all depends on the rope's state of mind. If frozen...

  20. If frozen, one is "pushing" a composite structure, not merely "a rope".
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