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Do U have anything to share with this students

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    This is a network of students. Find the people of your kind there

    Click and register to access millions of students.
  2. Bazza

    Bazza Guest

    Not if there are any homosexual members.

  3. What would I do with so many students?
  4. Bazza

    Bazza Guest

    Not have anal sex with them I guess.

  5. Jolly Roger

    Jolly Roger Guest

    I'd rather not. Thanks anyway.
  6. Rhiannon

    Rhiannon Guest

    Yikes. What an odd reply.
  7. Bazza

    Bazza Guest

    Not if you're a Doctor who fan it's not.

  8. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    What is our kind? We have kooks and berzerkers at one end and some fine
    folks at the other.

    By the way, your service provider blocked you for a TOS problem. I think
    you aren't my kind of people.
  9. Alan Harding

    Alan Harding Guest

  10. Ignis Fatuus

    Ignis Fatuus Guest

    Faggie's Cat.

    = IF
  11. Guest

    I could share my knowledge of Biology, but it seem like you may want a
    better grammarian than I is to share with this students.
  12. Bazza

    Bazza Guest

    Bloody students anyway. All they do is take drugs and hold parties.

  13. Don Freeman

    Don Freeman Guest

    And have casual sex with multiple partners. Damn! Those where the days.
  14. hulahoop

    hulahoop Guest

    Is that a radw version of Schroedinger's Cat? ie it is in a box, big
    enough to allow it to lift it tail (or allow its tail to be lifted)
    and either it will or will not have carnal knowledge of Aggie and both
    possibilities exist simultaneously? Or have I got radw's resident
    felinophiliac all wrong?


  15. The Doctor

    The Doctor Guest

    Where do you nutters come from?
  16. I can't speak for the others, but I come from asd.

    So, what kind of Doc are you? A Pdoc?

    Tara J. Ballance
    Montreal, Canada
  17. Bazza

    Bazza Guest

    Canada probably.
  18. Rhiannon

    Rhiannon Guest

    Are you reading from right to left?
  19. Backward ran sentences until reeled the mind. Where it will all end,
    knows God!

    --Wolcott Gibbs
  20. Rhiannon

    Rhiannon Guest

    A uterus but that was a long time ago.
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