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Do they make cree night lights now?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Jane--Galt, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Jane--Galt

    Jane--Galt Guest

    I'm looking for a super bright LED night light, to light up a room a lot more
    at night than the old tech night lights. I realize that the "number of LED's"
    is meaningless, I just want lumens.

    Weren't there new LED's called "cree" or something, that were 3 or 4 watt
    LED's and put out quite a bit of light? I want to find a night light with
    something like that built in, not a "bulb" to add to some existing night

    I'm also looking for no flicker, as this is for the room where our pet birds
    sleep - to keep them from getting night terrors from too dark a room. ( birds
    do that if it's too dark where they sleep )
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    You must be talking about this?

    If pure white light is what you want that's fine. I've also
    heard that this phosphor technique could also lower the efficiency
    output of the LEDs? who knows. If you're just looking for reliability
    of life use, then I guess it's fine.

    All the common hardware stores sell LED night lights...

  3. Jane--Galt

    Jane--Galt Guest

    Not super bright ones, of 1-3 watts.
  4. Then make up your mind (not that you started out well with the

    A night light is not supposed to light up a room. It's supposed to
    provide a mild light so somebody doesn't stub their toe if they have to
    get up in the middle of the night. You don't want a bright light because
    you don't want it interrupting your sleep, but you also want it weak since
    otherwise your eyes have to adjust to the bright light from total

    Light up a room is a different matter. It's regular lighting.

    You can't get an answer until you actually define what you want.

  5. Jane--Galt

    Jane--Galt Guest

    Incandescent night lights use about 2 watts, that's all I'm asking in a LED
  6. shrtrnd


    Jan 15, 2010
    If you're still here:
    Am reading an article on LED lighting.
    'Cree' is the name of a company that makes LED replacements for incandescents.
    "Quality Magazine" September 2011, Volume 50/ Number 9
    Article title 'LEDs 101', page number 20VS.
    Anyway, to answer your question, try Google for the company 'CREE', to see if they
    make what you're looking for.
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