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Do Not Call register now working

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Phil Allison, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "John Teretis"

    ** ASD fucked trolling MORONS like " Jerkshis"

    do not get to judge any damn thing.

    ........ Phil
  2. Correct in some cases. I've worked in the corporate sector and some of the
    machines were send only, receive only or bothway (normal operation). For
    some people in smaller businesses, setting the machine to send only mode
    isn't rocket science.
    You'd be surprised how a simple polite request can get results. Not
    guaranteed to, but if you don't ask you you'll never know.
    Also responding appropriately to a polite request is more likely to gain the
    company kudoes rather than become the source of complaint. The latter
    unlikely to get your business and a lot on negative publicity.

    Dell used to send me weekly fax specials. I wasn't interested so I faxed
    their fax back to 1800818341 and they stopped sending them. :) offer a similar "stop sending us faxes" service
    with an automated dial up number to call.

    Sounds like you need to strike up an ongoing relationship with Philty
    He's into a bit of biffo and sending "the Marist old boys" around to sort
    things out - LOL.

    If you happen to have your fax machine within arms reach, check your CLD
    everytime a fax call comes through.
    If it reads "Private" or "Unavailable" just press the STOP button. Works
    for me. :)

  3. I've worked in both large and small scale corporates. The larger scales can
    go both ways depending (and there are a decent number of fax machines around
    the building - and they vary depending on use.

    On small scale however, the only option was both ways. It is a company fax
    machine after all.
    I have a major problem with that, it's no fun.
    I REALLY don't think that a whine from a scammer/spammer etc is going to
    earn anything they say credibility.
    And when you read that the telemarketers overseas are screaming for more
    protection against verbal abuse from the suckers^H^H^Hcustomers they're
    calling, the only good thing I can think of is that the laws that don't
    protect us, also don't protect them.
    Looks like "we" have thicker skins than them. We win.
    Same thing here. We wondered why they started in the first place after we
    made it abundantly clear we weren't happy with the first POS they sent us. (it
    was the bosses idea, he thought it was a good deal, and by-passed the three or
    four computer-heads in the office that knew anything).
    I think the thing that frustrated me more, was not that we were getting the
    junk faxes, but that someone would faithfully move the damn things into the
    fax "in" tray instead of screw them up and throw them out.
    I can't even tell if that's what he's trying to say. He really doesn't make
    sense most of the time. In fact, in reiterating the 'do not call register'
    rules, he appears to be on THEIR bloody side.

    When we can't send the 'boys around (those pesky laws stop us from doing
    that anwyay), we have GREAT fun in putting the overseas telescammers on
    speakerphone, and having fun with them. We had one get so frustrated, he
    started abusing us in his native language. So we did the only thing we could
    - we laughed harder.
    After I abruptly hung up one after giving her some lip, she called me back
    (twice!) and said I couldn't talk to her like that. I assumed she meant I
    wasn't coarse enough, so I gave her even more lip.
    Seriously, if we're going to waste time talking to them, we may as well 'get
    our monies worth'. This really is a victimless sport, after all, the laws
    that don't protect us, also don't protect them.
    A couple of points here.

    The CLD string is checkable via software, so you could "filter" out faxes at
    this point if it's a fax modem. Though I really don't think it's useful
    whitelisting in a corporate environment, because you don't know where the next
    fax is coming from. Though it's still useful to partially filter obvious
    things like missing CLDs, or "corrupt" entries that don't appear to be usable

    The other point is that within Australia, they made it law (long time ago,
    may have changed) for senders to provide a valid origin number within the CLD
    field. For missing entries, or obviously grunged entries, just chuck them out
    - and it's quite safe and reliable to do so.

    All the valid faxes, and all the more "reputable" source junk faxes all had
    valid CLDs. Anything that didn't, was real junk.
    In my experience, there was very little "reputable" junk.

    However, I think the faxmarketers, and especially the scammers, are moving
    away from faxes anyway. Email is much cheaper and covers a wider audience.
  4. Terryc

    Terryc Guest

    I just installed an old PC funning free fax software that allowed me to
    blacklist certain numbers. then it was just like delete the spam that
    slips through.
  5. Ah, and quite funny it is too. :) Strange how my fax machine can't
    translate the Indian or Pakistani accent either. :p

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