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Do Not Call register now working

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Phil Allison, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Hi to all my fans ....

    Bet you have ALL been waiting for this for years !!!!

    The Australian Government "Do Not Call" register is finally set up.

    You can register up to 3 private numbers, home or mobile, on line.

    Unfortunately it won't stop 100% of those annoying calls - but will likely
    stop most of the telephone spammers.

    A new Industry Standard requires callers ( in the excluded categories) to
    identify themselves and NOT use numbers that are blocked to Caller ID.


    ........ Phil
  2. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

    I went through the registration process yesterday after multiple
    attempts to connect to the site, only to get an error message when I
    sent my details. All the symptoms of an overloaded server. Did it again
    late last night with no problems.
    I agree - I don't want *any* unsolicited phone calls either. We pay
    for our phone (and internet) services to get messages from people we
    know and want to hear from, not spammers of every kind. Doesn't work out
    in practise, does it? :-(

  3. swanny

    swanny Guest

    It would have been a better idea to set up a 'Do Call' register.
    I'm sure there would have not been any chance of server overloading then ...
  4. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

    It wouldn't matter even if it didn't exist ... no-one would use it!
  5. Guest

    Thanks for that Phil, much appreciated.
    Let's give 'em curry. Oops! thay probably already have enough of
    that :)
  6. Two Bob

    Two Bob Guest

    ** Hi to all my fans ....
    Easily beaten by the major companies. Just form a company in India and spam
    from there. When they try to fine them, they say it was an overseas company
    who called. Fat chance of getting them.
  7. Poxy

    Poxy Guest

    I think that kind of policy is called "anti-business" - a no-no for any
    political party.

    Note that this does not stop calls from charities & political parties, which
    annoys me immensly, as the current reality is that if you donate to a
    charity and provide details, it's highly likely they'll then sell your
    details to other charities, having been identified as a "payer",
    guaranteeing more unsolicited calls from other charities, which in turn
    makes me adverse to making charitable donations, which makes for a very dumb
  8. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Two Bob"
    ** ;-)

    ** No problem there.

    Because the overseas call centre is acting on behalf of an Australian
    supplier of goods or services - that local supplier is then LIABLE for
    heavy fines under the new legislation.

    ...... Phil
  9. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** But they must not use a phone number that is blocked to Caller ID.

    Haven't you got a display unit ?

    You can soon work out what an organisation's number is and ignore it.

    ........ Phil
  10. kreed

    kreed Guest

    Agreed, its a good start but it doesn't ban calls from charities,
    surveys etc.At very least it should provide people with a separate "do not call"
    option to allow/disallow calls from charities. Im sure it helps the
    charity too, as people who have stated that they dont want their calls
    in the first place, arent likely to donate anything therfore saving
    the charity time and money in the call centres.Its also totally wrong that home based business (or any businesses)
    can't join the list. For them, telephone spam is an even worse
    nuisance as "time is money" and as well as myself, I know many in
    small business who are sick and tired of being interrupted several
    times a day by a ringing phone and some piece of filth with private
    caller id "wanting to speak to the owner/manager".

    On the good side, it bans hiding caller ID;s. This is a pet hate of
    mine businesses using "private" number, and I always make sure they
    cop abuse from me for doing that.
  11. Kevin Martin

    Kevin Martin Guest

    Well some one had better get on to Optus, because by default the
    "sending number" is blocked. Many like me can't be bothered changing it,
    primarily because I refuse to pay the monthly charge to be able to read
    the CND on my incoming calls.


    Kevin Martin

    To reply - delete what is "not required" (Abbrev) from my address.
  12. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

    From the ABC News website:

    Do Not Call Register attracts 150 people a minute

    More than 250,000 people have already signed up to the Government's Do
    Not Call Register since it opened yesterday.

    The Australian Communications and Media Authority says about 150 people
    are registering online every minute.
  13. kreed

    kreed Guest

    Some small business spam calls always come from the same phone number,
    its then easy to add it to your mobile phone contact list as "spam-
    phone plan" etc and assign it a different ring so you know from the
    ring not to bother to answer it. The most quiet ring sound that you
    can find in the phone is good for this !

    However there was a call centre last year that was ringing us all the
    time selling phone plans and actually showed a caller ID each time !.

    According to greypages (when it still worked) the calls originated
    from the Sunshine Coast in QLD (no address or subsciber details were
    available though). Trouble was, each time they called, the last 3
    digits of the number were different (logically as each phone in the
    call centre would be on a different line and have a different actual
    phone number associated with it - or a different outside line would be
    used each time due to how their internal exchange system operates).

    Its a lot more difficult to block a range of numbers than a single
    number. Its also difficult to remember a lot of these numbers to know
    not to answer too.
  14. Poxy

    Poxy Guest

    I've got Caller ID, but pretty much all telemarketing calls come up as
    "Private Number", which I can't really ignore, as a lot of government
    departments also block their number.

    My trick is listening for the second or two delay between my answering the
    phone and the computer patching the call through to an available call centre
    person - generally I've hung up before they pick up the line. The other
    gveaway is the noise of the call centre in the background - I just hang up
    as soon as I hear this.
  15. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Phil Allison"

    ** The context is "charities and political parties, " - ie the exempt

    ** They will be forced to stop calling any number on the Do Not Call
    register by the end of this month.

    ......... Phil
  16. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Poxy the Prick "

    ** Jesus Christ man - can you fucking read or not ???

    What were we just talking about - eh ????????????

    **Telemarketing** calls are about to become ILLEGAL to any number on the
    Do Not Call register.

    ......... Phil
  17. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** I just told you that.

    ** You can us a caller ID unit to avoid them..

    You can inform the charity NOT to call you again.

    You do not have to do any survey and can ask them NOT to call again.

    The new Industry Standard means you will know how to contact them back.

    ** No it is not.

    The direct marketing of goods and services to businesses is part of normal
    commerce - has been since phones were invented. The caller already knows
    what sort of business it is and may well have supplied them with goods and
    services before - or at least has good or services that the business may
    well be interested in.

    TOTALLY different situation to * cold calling* home phone numbers.

    ....... Phil
  18. alc

    alc Guest

    Great, registered my mothers phone with no problems & very quick.
    Unfortunately, this service is only for private numbers. Business
    numbers & FAX numbers cannot register.

    I sent an email to their enquiry section regarding combined
    business/private numbers. Reply was as follows -

    "Unfortunately this legislation does not cover business. However, if you
    are not satisfied an alternative would be for you to approach your local
    MP and lobby for a similar legislation to cover business."

    So back to the drawing board. IF enough people do lobby their local MP,
    something may occur. IF no one does any lobbying, stuff all will be done.


  19. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** From the link:

    Which numbers can I list on the Do Not Call Register?
    You can list your Australian fixed line and mobile numbers on the Do Not
    Call Register, provided the numbers are used primarily for private or
    domestic purposes.


    ....... Phil
  20. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    So what's to stop you listing a business number anyway, are they going to
    prove it is NOT primarily for domestic purposes?
    Somehow I doubt they would check any number, you would simply have no legal
    recourse IF someone still calls.

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