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Do musos know how shoddy their expensive kit is?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N_Cook, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Another Marshall 2266 this time from 2009. The input guitar lead socket
    soldering looks ok under x30 viewing but 3 of the 4 pins pull through the
    solder with very little force, just that required to straighten the slight
    bend placed there after insertion, the fourth pin pulled out with a bit more
    force but still mush less than a proper traditional solder joint (that would
    usually break the metal of the pin rather than break the solder joint).
    Nasty grey appearance of where the solder blobs were and very little sign of
    ever having been wetted. No mention of PbF on the overlays but solder
    generally looks PbF and RoHS on the mains Tx.
    N382 compliance? mark on the rear , coded speak for PbF ?
  2. Guest

    Yes, they know. I am not sure PBF is a requirement to sell electronics now,but I suggest buying all the lead based solder you can get.

    This shitty solder means work for us I guess. I have seen this pullout phenomenon. You know in the US they tried using aluminum (same shit as in the new solder) for electrical wires. They stopped because of too many fires.

    You know I want to know what they're doing with all that extra lead. They would never remove it if it had no market. Not in the US where the companiesown the government. Pushing this lead free shit is like getting off the gold standard, it LOOKS good but it certainly benefits someone who is not going to share with us.

    They make more from the shit they refine OUT OF salt than off the salt. Your lowfat milk doesn't just have water added, they SELL what they took out of it for feed for cattle and shit. Organisms which make them more money when healthy rather than in the US with humans, where misery and sickness is the biggest industry other than war.

    Lead is important for nuclear stuff to some extent. It is a good shield. Maybe they want to make suit to protect themselves while denying us the basicmaterials to do so.

    You know they have strict regulations on the sale of gas masks here. Yeah, I guess you could really hurt someone with one of those. You know goddamn well what they want is the absolute undisputed power of life and death over us.

    A truly godlike aspiriation wouldn't you say ?
  3. You know in the US they tried using aluminum (same shit as in the new
    Let's get our facts straight.

    The new solder does not use aluminum.

    As for aluminum wiring... When copper got really expensive, aluminum wire came
    into wide use. The problem with aluminum is that it develops an oxide coat.
    (This is the very thing that makes it relatively immune to corrosion.) Over
    time, the coat cracks under pressure from the screws, and the connection
    develops a high resistance. The causes overheating, and fires.

    Aluminum wire can be used if the terminations are copper coated.

    Where did you get that idea? It's low fat because the fat is removed.
    Since when do cattle consume butterfat (other than as calves)? The fat removed
    is used in ice cream and other dairy products.
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