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DIY Headphone Amp

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dieter Knollman, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Ban

    Ban Guest

    What a confusion...
    Even if you are proud to have archieved a "better" sound, you should have
    thrown away your MP3 player, if it cannot even drive headphones. And I
    really had to laugh. You now carry 2 additional expensive batteries plus all
    that opamp mess around with you?
    And the best bit: The sound is so good because "no capacitor in the signal
    path"... after mp3 and a classD unfiltered output stage! Boy you are prone
    to become an Audiophool.
  2. Doesn't seem that bad ... Audiophoolery would require some heavy guage
    wire filled with some gas, right?

    Class D amps can sound pretty good these days. I'm playing with one in
    the lab now, seeing how much RF it makes ... I might need a ham

    Frank Raffaeli
  3. GregS

    GregS Guest

    If thats true. I'm sure a filter would be in order into the aux, amplifier.
    It sounds like this thing should work and might a good canidate
    to include on their datasheet, but as a worthwhile project I suggest
    delivering it to HeadWise.

  4. Don't be so hard on the man. I built some headphone amps recently and I got
    a lot out of the article. It's not that well written but it has a lot of
    good info in it.

  5. Ban

    Ban Guest

    IMHO it is more adaequate for the basics NG.
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