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Disposing of my old Microwave Oven?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Shawn Lin, Jul 27, 2003.

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  1. Shawn Lin

    Shawn Lin Guest

    I bought a new microwave oven, so it's time to dispose of the old one.
    It's a 2yr old Sanyo Super Showerwave. It has a bad magnetron and
    burned waveguide cover. The magnetron is still under warranty, but I
    didn't think it was worth the cost of labor to get the magnetron
    replaced. Someone who works for an authorized Sanyo repairshop should
    be able to fix this thing for the cost of a paper waveguide cover. If
    anyone knows of places that take repairable appliances or if anyone
    wants it for the cost of Fedex Ground shipping, let me know.

    I just don't have the heart to chuck it in the trash, especially since
    it's in mint condition cosmetically. When fixed, it WOULD pass for
    brand new!

  2. li_gangyi

    li_gangyi Guest

    On the topic of waveguide covers....what is it used for?? I assume it's the
    shiny copper coloured piece stuck to the sides of the oven where the
    microwave comes out...and why does it burn out?? Thanks in advance.
  3. Maybe, the waveguide cover is a plastic or mica plate that covers the waveguide
    exit to the oven cavity. It's basically just to prevent spatters and such
    from getting into the waveguide.

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  4. Almost all of the burns discovered within microwave ovens are a direct
    result of splattered food debris which is not effectively cleaned off the
    surfaces. Occasional some of the material will carbonize as a result of
    being cooked multiple times. When this occurs it will damage the painted
    surface and the wave guide cover. Cleaning of the cavity's surfaces normally
    will remove cause and therefore the resulting damages.
  5. Shawn Lin

    Shawn Lin Guest

    Mine burned out because something is wrong with the magnetron. It
    melted the aluminum microwave reflector thing that was mounted behind
    the waveguide cover, and also burned all the paint around the hole
    that the magnetron protrudes through.

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