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Disposing of a LOT of parts quickly

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Gordon S. Hlavenka, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. To the conspiracy theorists among you, this post may look like an
    attempt to slip in a commercial message. Heaven forfend! It's a
    genuine request for information. (Although if you ARE interested in
    buying... :)

    I have a large quantity of electronic parts: discretes, ICs, connectors,
    cabling, tools, etc. etc. left over from a business. This was a retail
    store specializing in electronic stuff; kinda what we all wish RS would
    be. Anyway, I had to close the store and have had the leftover
    inventory squirreled about the house for several years.

    Now we're moving to a smaller house and this stuff simply has to be gone.

    Some time ago, I listed a few lots on eBay. A couple of things brought
    decent money but most of the bids were ridiculously low. For example, a
    60-drawer cabinet filled with IC chips drew a single bid of less than
    the price of the empty cabinet.

    At this point my main goal is to get this stuff into the hands of
    somebody who will appreciate it. But I'd still like to get a fair price
    for it if possible. (Plan B is to donate it to the local community
    college) So, does anybody have suggestions on how to broker this mess?
    It's all boxed up, but not really boxed in a UPS-able way, plus it
    would fill a UPS truck or two. So the best thing would be, I guess, to
    find somebody local (Chicago) who can come over and load it up.

    Any ideas?
  2. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    If you listed it on Ebay, you probably got a fair price for it.
    You can take your time to inventory, store, and list everything
    to get the highest possible price, but you already said you're in
    a hurry.
  3. Guest

    [Ebay] A couple of things brought
    Some items with collector's cachet or high demand will sell well, but
    random junk usually won't.

    Too bad you sold the "sellable" stuff early... a good trick is to mix
    in a lot of the less desirable stuff with the good stuff and insist
    that it all go together. (Of course you don't always know what's
    "sellable" in advance!)

    In general the bids will be puny compared to the effort to list it well
    and package it up and ship it.
    Posting on usenet, links to pictures, very definite terms ("must show
    up with a panel truck and take it all" is what I did). Craigslist
    works well in some urban areas.

    Do not impose terms about the future disposition of the stuff... you
    couldn't use it, the taker probably won't be able to use it all, if
    they want to E-bay all/some of it then let them make the effort.

    Desiring it go to a community college is a noble goal but realistically
    most of them are disposing wholesale of their
    equipment/instruments/components too (if they didn't do it a decade or
    two ago.)

    I got rid of about 12 tons of stuff over the past year using this
    method, mostly to good homes, with no cost to me other than helping
    them drag it out of my basement and into their truck. In most cases
    it's just sitting in the recipient's attic/basement too, but in a
    couple of cases they're making good use of it.

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