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Disposable Televisions

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Have a six month old tv that has gotten too "green." Anyone know where
    I might find a representative schematic of a modern CRT circuit so that
    I could ponder the addition of a bias pot to the green channel? Thanks.
  2. kip

    kip Guest

    Does your TV have a Make and Model ??
  3. Guest

    Warranty repair. Do not open up the tv and void your warranty.
  4. Make? Model? Chassis #?

  5. Ken G.

    Ken G. Guest

    The brand is ``disposable`` i know the ones :)
  6. Guest

    RCA 14F512T

    It's a little <$100 set so the parts warranty is irrelevant. If a $3
    pot will save it from the dumpster that would still be a good thing.
  7. David Sewell

    David Sewell Guest

    Good luck. I've found at the end of the day you have to sus out things for
    your selve as a lot of the people on this newsgroup are pig headed
  8. basfm6

    basfm6 Guest

    If the TV came with a one year warranty, I'd at least submit a claim. Many
    manufacturers junk stuff under warranty and replace it with new units.

    Usually I try to buy most cheap electronics at either Sam's Club or Costco.
    Prices are usually the lowest found in retail and their return policies are
    unlimited unless it's computer or food items.
  9. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    If it's just a little too green, you should be able to adjust it in
    the service menu. Modern TVs have all the adjustments made via an on
    screen menu, or computer interface instead of pots. I don't know off
    hand how to get into the service menu of that set, but someone else
    might be able to help you.
    Andy Cuffe

    <-- Use this address until 12/31/2005

    <-- Use this address after 12/31/2005
  10. Mikey

    Mikey Guest

    As Andy Cuffe wrote in a previous message, you could try going into the
    service menu of the set to try to see if the green color can be adjusted
    there. At this website they describe how to get into the service menu of an
    RCA TV (may or may not work for your model):
    Just be aware that you might screw up the TV more than it already is by
    changing any of the settings there, so before changing anything write down
    what the value is, so you can change it back if it doesn't work.
  11. Guest

    That is very interesting. Thanks. So far I haven't gotten into service
    mode but maybe if I try enough key combinations... I might find it...
  12. No...a lot of people here recognize the potential danger of giving out
    information that will endanger a person or his/her equipment. Like it
    or not, believe it or not, that is the simple fact.

  13. OK...with my limited Internet access time, this "pig headed shitster"
    has spent enough time to determine that this is a set that was likely
    put out after I left this business in 2002. It may have a service menu
    setting for adjusting the grey-scale, and indeed that may be all that
    is wrong. It could be the CRT, or the circuitry that drives the CRT.
    Instead of adding an unnecessary part to compensate for the problem,
    you really should consider an actual repair.

    To David Sewell...this "pig headed shitster", and many more of us,
    have helped a lot of people get their stuff successfully repaired,
    rather than destroyed...sometimes it takes a trip to the local repair
    shop, rather than some hack job. Live with it. Take care.

  14. According to another thread, someone else's kids managed to accomplish

    You also have to be concerned if it is the low or high green that is
    the problem, or both. If you can somehow get a gray scale pattern into
    the set, you'll be able to see this.

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