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Disc-changer-based cdplayer repair help

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jonfaquit, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. jonfaquit

    jonfaquit Guest

    I've got a Sony CMT EP707 cd-player:

    ....which a friend asked if I could fix. The problem was that the tray
    was sticking out, and wouldn't go back in using the buttons provided.
    So I opened it up, got the tray working again, but I don't know how to
    configure the 3-plastic disc 'holders' (and I think they might have
    been the reason the tray got stuck). Does anyone have any diagnostic
    steps I should take? I've only ever fixed my car cd player (which just
    required some superglue under the gears)

    I'm greeted with combinations of CD ERR 1 and CD ERR 4. Sometimes the
    tray doesn't go back in. Sometimes the round metal thing that locks the
    cd in place on top of the laser is in the closed position when it
    should be in the open position.

    Here's some pictures of the player (taken with my crappy phone, sorry)

    The 'holder'

    So if anyone knows how to fix this particular model or generic
    troubleshooting steps with this type of changer, please help!
  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    There is a position switch or two that tells the micro where the mech is.
    You'll have to sync the mech up with it/them. Going to be tough to do
    unless you have a service manual that illustrates the steps. Go here:
    And type CMT EP707 in the search bar. There are a couple pdf documents
    there thatr you can download for free, maybe one has the info you'll need.
  3. jonfaquit

    jonfaquit Guest

    Thanks for the reply....that site was one of the first things I tried.
    No exact matches, but it did have a service manual for a CMT-FM3D
    looks kind of similar, except, it's only a single-disc player, unlike
    the EP707 which is 3. Isn't a 3-disc changer a common mechanism? It
    can't only be used on this player...maybe someone knows the technical
    name for this type of changer where there's one tray, and 2 thin
    plastic holders in the tray (while the other plastic holder is being
    played) that are loaded one at a time?
  4. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Products for Sony CMT-EP707
    Service (repair) manual [1] Digital (Acrobat .PDF) English US $19.00
  5. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Your pictures show a Sanyo mech that is fitted to many different makes with
    slight variations to the laser which is fitted, and correspondingly, the
    shape of the cutout in each tray leaf, but I was not aware that Sony had
    ever used it. You can find alignment instructions as a video tutorial on my
    son's website at and look for Let me know on or off group if you need any further
    help with it. It's quite a straightforward mech to align, providing you do
    your work carefully. Also, check the half tooth at the front of each tray
    very carefully for damage, distortion or missing.

  6. jonfaquit

    jonfaquit Guest

    Wow...that video is a true lifesaver! Never would I have expected to
    find a video detailing exactly what I need to do! Definitely going to
    try it. I guess my main problem was that I didn't want to take the CD
    mechanism out...guess I'll have to (and hopefully not screw something

    I also went ahead and bought the service$4.95
    for unlimited service manuals for 24 hours. So, even though I found the
    one I need, I'm downloading all manuals for any device I can
    recognize...except I don't recognize that many of 'em. $5 wasn't too
    bad though.

    If anyone has any manual requests, let me know and I'll see if has it!!! 23 hours left!
  7. jonfaquit

    jonfaquit Guest

    Arfa, I took a crack at (hopefully not literally) and the problem I'm
    having is that when trying to align the leaf trays, when turning the
    gear (like shown in the video around 6:25) to make the tray come all
    the way to the front, it stops halfway and there is tension which
    prohibits it from going any further? Does this mean the gear aren't
    aligned correctly? I couldn't tell in the video whether the gears had
    to be aligned a certain way, I just thought they had to be aligned with
    each other. Also, should the teeth always move when you turn the black
    gears? Thanks.
  8. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    OK, you may have a problem with the gear assembly on the right hand side of
    the tray, with it the right way up,and looking from the front - it's not
    uncommon. Passing across the underside of the tray, is a thin metal rod with
    a small gear on either end. If you gently flex the rod, you can lift it out,
    which leaves the two sides independant of one another. Now, with no trays
    fitted, try rotating the three-piece gear set on each side rail. Both should
    rotate equally easily in both directions, and the only *slight* resistance
    to rotation, should be as each of the little planet wheels set in the
    central gear, alternately turn. I guess that this is part of your question.
    No, they should not turn all the time. They turn alternately, and
    intermittently. If there is any tendency for the central gear to stick or
    tighten up in either direction of rotation, then there is a problem with
    that gear set. Don't bother to try to disassemble it - it is broken inside,
    and even if you have made a mistake, and it's not broken, you will struggle
    to get it back together, and lined up. It is available from Sanyo as a
    pre-assembled sub unit - or at least it used to be, I haven't ordered one
    for some time.

    Assuming that there is not a problem, and both sides do turn freely, then
    you need to refit the cross rod, and re-establish the correct positional
    relationship between the two sides. Look in the windows on the top of the
    two outer gears, and rotate both sides until the timing lines on the gear
    tops, are on top, and aligned with the plastic tray edge that is level with
    the centre of the rear gear's window. When the rear gear has its line at
    this point, the front one should be exactly in the centre of its own window.
    Now fine-adjust the position of the gear set on the other side, such that
    its lines are in the identical places. Now carefully re-insert the rod,
    trying to mesh the teeth on its gears, with those on the side-rail gears,
    such that nothing moves ( a bit fiddly, but totally do-able ). It is *very*
    important that the two sides are *exactly* aligned with respect to one
    another. If either side does move and goes out by as little as a single
    tooth, you must disconnect one end again, re-correct the position of the
    side gear train, and refit the rod gear again. When it is correctly back
    together, you should be able to rotate the gear train on one side, which
    will rotate the gear train on the other side via the cross rod, and go all
    the way around in both directions, smoothly. Each time, all four lines on
    the outer gears, should come around to the top exactly together. Lines at
    the top, centres of windows, is also the starting point for the subsequent
    reassembly, which is probably the other part to your question. This starting
    point is important.

    Although the alignment procedure is quite simple in principle, as you will
    have seen from the video, in practice it is - how shall we say - tricky? My
    son can usually get it bang on first go. I can 90% of the time, but just
    occasionally, it can take me a couple of goes, and I've been working with
    this mech ever since it first appeared ... Be very careful not to lose that
    little bevel gear on the side rail - it falls off when you're not looking !
    Also, when rotating the gears to pull the trays in - the bit where you are
    apparently having trouble - rotate them using a thumb on one of the central
    gears, but make sure that you are only touching the bit that does actually
    rotate - its very easy to be trying to turn the stationary bit as well
    without realising it, which can give the impression that it has all got

    The reason that we did the video was that I gave out some instructions on
    here several years back, on how to align the mech, and also made available
    the manufacturer's training notes for it, which to be honest are actually
    quite hard to follow, as they were originally fax'd to me, and are of pretty
    poor quality. Some web-based news servers archive just about every post that
    there's ever been, so when people start Googling on this mech, they come up
    with my post, so immediately e-mail me for advice and a copy of the notes.
    It got to the point where I was getting a couple of enquiries a month from
    the four corners of the globe, so I said to my son that next time we had one
    in - we probably get 50 or more a year - he should make one of his video
    tutorials on it. This seems to have been quite successful. By all means,
    feel free to include a link to it from your own web space, if you want. If
    you start getting very deep in on this, and need more advice, probably
    better to e-mail either me or my son direct off group, rather than turning
    this into a long saga - unless other readers would prefer to see it continue
    on here.

  9. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Don't need any but thanks for the offer and the link.
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