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disapointed with 3000 watt inverter

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by, May 11, 2004.

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  1. well got my new 3000 watt inverter setup and was so happy I could now run my
    500 watt microwave ya for like 7 seconds and that was it! the 2 trojens 225
    ampers? went from 13 volts down to 11 volts in 7 seconds oh man I just
    calculated I would need 257+ trojens to run the microwave for 15
    minutes...the gas generator was cheep compared to what I now pumped into
    solar panels inverter batteries now looks like more batteries OH my!

    I know that that is not supposed to be the case so what's up!
    t105s are a year old and were at full charge at the time ok I may just have
    been underpowed so how many of em will I really need to run that microwave
    for 15 minutes that's my goal in life at the moment and I don't want to
    spend the $ 27,000 on t105s as it looks like that's the case at the


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  2. What else have you got, and how is it wired? Note that a 3KW inverter
    at 12V will draw something like 300 amps, so you are going to need
    some pretty heavy duty and short wiring between the batteries and the

    Just a single pair of T-105s? They are rated at 75A drain in a golf
    cart application, and 150-ish amp-hours at that rate, you are doing 4X
    that, so I'd be surprised if you got 15 minutes out of them.

    I'd put four pairs in parallel (*) and try again. Then they ought to
    run your microwave for a couple of hours. Four hundred dollars worth
    of batteries.

    (*) Actually, I'd wire them for a 48V inverter and get the current
    down by a factor of four, but you've already bought your inverter, and
    that had to cost your $3K...

    Also, tell us about your charging setup...
  3. Guest

    But, only if you are are drawing the full 3kw. Otherwise, ignoring
    inefficiencies, you should consider the load as the 500 watts, which
    he said the microwave draws.. that is more like 42 amps, less than the
    golf cart and should last more like 3 hours at 150-ish amp hours.
  4. Ecnerwal

    Ecnerwal Guest

    Measured where? At the battery terminals, or at the inverter? I suspect
    a bad connection which is not handling the current. Something in the
    0.05-0.025 ohm range would just about do that, based on estimates of
    your likely current draw at between 40 and 80 amps.

    You do need considerably more detail to get useful help, which will be
    offered if useful details are provided.
  5. Bob Adkins

    Bob Adkins Guest

    I run my 1500W inverter from a 115Ah trolling motor battery. I often vacuum
    for 20 min. with a 13a shop vac and run an air compressor that draws 13a or
    more. Both the battery and the inverter hold up fine. Sure, there's a
    temporary voltage drop in the battery, but it doesn't sag low enough to kick
    off the inverter. I have short heavy wiring from battery to inverter, and it
    still gets a little warm.

    Either your wiring is too thin or too long (in which case it will get hot)
    or your microwave is pulling far more amperage than it should. Or... those
    Trojans are, er... I hate to say it... :(


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