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Disagreeable A/C Clutch

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Randy Gross, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. Randy Gross

    Randy Gross Guest

    I just installed a new clutch on a 96 Mercury Sable but the clutch coil
    will not energize.

    Aside from the fuse, what condition will prevent this.

  2. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    Low/empty refrigerant. There should be at least a low pressure cutoff.
  3. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Many A/C compressor's cycle on/off with the suction pressure. This is how
    the compressor output is varied with load. If it's low on refrigerent, then
    the cutout switch will keep the compressor off all the time. (and save the
    compressor from burning out if there is no refrigerent nor oil left).

  4. Randy Gross

    Randy Gross Guest


    This settles it for me men! Everyone I've heard from agrees. Please
    forgive the massive post but, desperate situations call for desperate
    measures. I've got a 1500+ mile trip tommorrow and, I dread the thought
    of no A/C on the road.

    Thanks again, rg
  5. I had the same problem in a 97 Mercury Sable. It was low refrigerant. I
    added a can of R-143A and it worked fine. It has a pressure switch that
    keeps it from engaging when there is not enough refrigerant.

    Of course, it could be the fuse, broken wire, relay, or unplugged wire. My
    bet is the refrigerant.
  6. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    As others have said, low refrigerant is likely. But give the wiring a
    careful look over as well. A friend had a 2 year old Ford truck on
    which the dealer had replaced a sensor under warranty. I don't know
    what the connection looked like before the work, but the dealer had
    added way too big crimp connectors on the very tiny sensor wires.
    Insulation was holding things together, but a wire was broken from
    flexing. I was making a long drive in the truck in 110 degree temps,
    and was real happy that I could get that AC going again with a pocket
    knife and some tape.

  7. Reason

    Reason Guest

    In my 91 T-bird, my A/C clutch stopped working reliably for a time. I found
    that all it needed was to tap the front plate, and the clutch engaged.

    It appears that over time, the electromagnetic clutch was sometimes no
    longer able to close the gap between the plates, perhaps due to wear.

    The problem was solved by bending the flat springs in the electromagnetic
    clutch with a narrow-nose plier, so that the plates were slightly closer
    together. After that, it worked reliably every time.
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