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Dirt cheap infrared transmitter? (receiver not needed)

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Robert Oschler, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. In a few days I am releasing onto SourceForge a piece of Open Source
    software (GPL), that controls a Robosapien robot. Currently the software
    supports a $50 USB infrared transceiver. The current supported transceiver
    is an excellent product, but I am hoping to find a dirt cheap alternative
    for my users; especially since there is no cost for the software.

    I do not need any IR receiving or learning capability at all, only transmit.
    A serial port device instead of a USB port device is fine, if that would
    reduce the cost.

    Note: I am looking for a fully assembled unit from a reliable vendor so my
    users can simply order online and then "plug and play". I need it to work
    on the Windows operating system (I do intend to add Linux support in the
    near future).

    If you know of such a product please post a link to the vendor's web site.

  2. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    pity, as making an ir transmitter is real simple, specially if the board
    supports an infrared module. just a resistor and ir led tied with a cable
    to the irtx line would do, could even use a spare cd-drive analog cable.
  3. Jim,

    I agree, but there will be plenty of Robosapien owners that won't even know
    what a soldering iron it, and I want them to be able to use the software

  4. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    they could twist the wires together, then just plug them into the cable,
    it won't be as secure, but it'd work.
  5. Peter Baltus

    Peter Baltus Guest

    Hello Robert,

    I'm not sure if this is usable with your software, or qualifies as
    dirt-cheap, but a local computer store (Computer Shop
    Valkenswaard) has a miniature USB IrDA dongle, type
    MCS7780 for EUR 20 incl. software and USB extension cord.

    Another option, which I am working on myself, is to replace the
    IR with RF. I bought a transmitter and receiver PCB from, article code 130428, for just EUR 15. It
    has the advantage that you don't need line-of-sight, but it is
    obviously not suitable for everybody.

    I'm looking forward to your software, please let us know when
    you release it!


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    Subject: Dirt cheap infrared transmitter? (receiver not needed)
  6. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    With no info on how your software is supposed to control
    hardware, I doub't you will get much info of use. The USB UIRT
    may be the closest thing to a ready built computer IR interface.
  7. Peter,

    1) $20 EUR is still close to the $50 USD for the USB UIRT. I'm going to
    work hard to find something below $20.
    2) I too very soon want to replace my Robosapien's IR with RF, especially so
    I can control multiple units separately (not possible with currently with IR
    link), but again, I don't think the average Robosapien purchaser will do
    that sort of thing.

    I definitely will post a message when the software is ready, which will be
    in a few days.

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