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Dirrectinal controler build help needed.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Game Controler, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. I need some help in building a device for a game controller I am
    building. It would be placed on the top of my device and would be used
    to control dirrection just like to A-W-S-D keys or arror keys on a

    My device is a prototype and I have NO electonics experience, but am
    working around that :)

    I am going to use a USB keyboard which I have already hotwired the
    A-S-W-D keys its one of those felxible rollup ones, I just ripped the
    rubber cover off :p

    II want the control to work like a game controler and push up go up
    push down go down ect, but not sure how to go about this. My
    designwould be a rocker solutioon where you have buttons inbetween two
    sheets of wood and push buttons in the middle at the top bottom left
    and right and you just pus down in either dirrection you want to go to
    getthe movment with the thig hotwired into a keyboard this shoudl

    It would be like as big as your hand and you rest your hand on it and
    rock it forward to go forward and back and right left ect. i am going
    to have it mouded to you hand to give you more grip and control and
    add some buttons as well.

    I was wondering if there are any switches That would give me 8
    dirrections I could use to get around me building this device, would
    be better to test my device before I built it the way I really wanted.

    Hoep someone knwos what I am talking about :)


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