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diode protection in battery charger circuit?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by dazed & confused, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. I am building a charger for large (20-40 AH) lead acid batteries to
    power kid-size electric cars. I'm using an L200CV voltage regulator
    that's a step up from the 78XX, or LM317 types. It has 5 pins, and
    offers more control. Unfortunately, when I hooked it up to a battery
    in reverse polarity, I fried my L200CV. I decided to add a diode
    between the negative output and the battery, to avoid doing that
    dumbness twice. It happened again. How can that be? Shouldn' the
    diode on ONE output prevent the massive current flowing backwards that
    I caused? I've now put a 2nd diode on the positive output. NOW I'm

    Frying in Fresno,
  2. Mike V

    Mike V Guest

    It's not clear to me where you put the diode.

    If you added it to the L200CV circuit then it should have worked OK.
    If you added it to the battery then it would not have added any

    What diode? What battery voltage?

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