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Diode - equivalent?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by max-man, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. max-man

    max-man Guest

    I need to replace a diode on an old PCB, the existing one being a

    What's a suitable modern equivalent to this please? It's part of a
    video output circuit.

  2. It's germanium, so one of the key things is to find a germanium
    diode to replace it.

  3. max-man

    max-man Guest

    Thanks. Any recommendations please? :)
  4. Chris

    Chris Guest

    NTE is an outfit that sells replacement components for electronics
    repair. They cross-reference a 1N100 to their NTE109.$$Search?OpenForm

    Look on their website for a distributor or retailler near you.
    Frequently their product is also sold in radio/television repair shops
    too, so your part may be just a short drive away. You might be able to
    get it within the hour, rather than waiting for shipping.

    Good luck
  5. Here are 3 equivalents according to my old reference books:
    AA118, OA95 and 1N618.

    Whether any of them are easy to obtain is another matter!
  6. max-man

    max-man Guest

    Thanks very much, have now found a supplier of the OA95 (listed as
    OA95/05 - the same one I assume) here:

    part no: 368039


    Should have said that i'm in the UK. :)
  7. max-man

    max-man Guest

    Thanks Chris - I forgot to mention that I'm in the UK. However, have
    found a supllier of OA95 in the UK. :)
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