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Dimmer Switch

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Rick, Jan 4, 2004.

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  1. Rick

    Rick Guest

    Good Morning.
    I don't have a background in electronics so this may sound like a stupid
    question. I just had a new house built and I asked my electrician to put a
    couple of dimmer switches in. His response was that there was no point
    because when used on a dim setting it still uses just as much power as if on
    full. This does not sound right to me.
  2. You should be considering a new Electrician, since it would seem you are
    using a wire jockey !!
  3. Baphomet

    Baphomet Guest

    Not! The dimmer uses phase control so that the lamp is lit for a variable
    portion of the AC cycle. Obviously when lit for only a portion of the cycle,
    the light consumes less power than if lit for the entire cycle.
  4. JeB

    JeB Guest

    Modern dimmers work by turning the power off for a portion of the duty
    cycle so you so you do save some energy. However, lighting is less
    effecient when dimmed so you are not really "saving" all of it. (when
    dimmed the light you get per watt is lower) Your electrician should
    probably do some reading on the subject. Or it's not beyond the skills
    of DIY.
  5. Your electrician is "big mouth, little brain". Fire him.


    Chip Shults
    My robotics, space and CGI web page -
  6. Paul Blitz

    Paul Blitz Guest

    A dimmer will reduce the power.... but leaving that aside... the normal
    reason anyone installs a light dimmer isn't to save on the power bill, but
    to have the ability to dim the lights.

    Sounds like your elecrician needs his dimmer switch turning up a bit :)

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