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Dimmable flourescents?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by William P.N. Smith, Nov 27, 2003.

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  1. What makes flourescents dimmable, is it the ballast or the bulb, or
    both? What's the good dimmable flourescent (are there any CFLs?), and
    are they compatable with X10 gear?

  2. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    I have seen dimmable CFLs at Home Depot. Someone told me recently that
    they couldn't find any there, but a Google search on "Dimmable Compact
    Fluorescent" gave 6,500 hits and plenty of sources.
    After the 1000th pop-up ad on my screen, I vowed never to buy another
    X10. I have kept my promise.

  3. Dale Farmer

    Dale Farmer Guest

    It is the ballast, and they are noticeably more expensive, and rather
    efficient when they are dimmed. I'd not recommend going that route.
    There are CF 'Three-way" bulbs, which are probably adequate for
    whatever your need is.

  4. mike

    mike Guest

    I went in to buy some CFLs on sale. They were out and substituted
    the dimmable version, so I didn't complain.
    I stuck them in NON-dimmable fixtures. Both failed within six months.
    The non-dimmable CFLs have been lasting twice that long.
    I've never had a CFL last long enough to pay back the extra cost.
    Sure, they're guaranteed, if you saved the receipt and are willing to
    Pay the $6 shipping for a replacement, assuming the distributor is still
    in business....Grrrrr.

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  5. Bob Peterson

    Bob Peterson Guest

    the one I tried did not work all that well. you could dim it, but it did not
    have the dimming range of an incandescent bulb.
  6. Guest

    Philips makes a 23 W "Marathon" CFL. Home Depot used to sell them, but
    they stopped. They cost about $20 and work well with ordinary dimmers.
    I've installed 20 at my church, with infant mortality problems covered
    by the guarantee. The Philips web site graph of luminous intensity vs
    power is quite linear, ie the lumen/watt output is almost constant as
    they are dimmed, vs incandescents which get much less efficient.

  7. Nick Pine

    Nick Pine Guest

    Gee, I wonder what that means in English.

  8. /*
    Subject: Re: Dimmable flourescents?

    Electronic ballasts are the way to go if you want to dim flourescents
    but again make sure you use digital ones as these will give you from
    2% to 100% dimming range although you will find lamp will not strike
    on anythink less than 40% dim I have converted many luminaires to
    dimmable and find ballasts made by vossloh schwabe are the most
    efficient type with digital interface of 1 to 10 v dc I also recommend
    using either their dimming interface or one from a company called home
    automation based in the uk

    There are other ways of dimming flourescents please let me know if you
    want to know more

    Dale hammond
    ( technical manager wirefield lighting 1993 - 1999 )


    Thanks Dale, I guess. What newsreader replies with Word files?
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