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Dijkstra's algorithm

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by student, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. student

    student Guest

    hello friends,
    I am new to this group and I am not much genious that I can
    give solution for problems of u people but I m trying to learn as much
    as I can from this group.

    but now I am in big problem. to be very frank I am a student and very
    much confused with my next assignment which is due tomorrow. I tried a
    lot but I coudnt solve. and to maintain my grade and scholarship I have
    to be perfact in all the assignments and tests. so it will be a gr8
    help if anyone of u can help me out with the following problem. I will
    be very thankful to all of u.

    1) from text DO 475/9 FIG. 5-13A

    A -----4 -- B--- 2-----C
    \ \ |
    5 6 3 There is also a link of 1 from E to C
    \ \ |
    E ---8---- F--7----D
    Distance Vector problem

    Consider the subnet following:
    Distance vector routing is used, and the following vectors have just
    in on the router C:
    from B: (5,0,8,12,6,2)
    from D (16,12,6,0,9,10)
    from E (7,6,3,9,0,4)

    The measured delays to B,D, and E are 6,3, and 5 respectively.
    What is C's new routing table? Give both the outgoing line to use and
    the expected delay. What vector will C send to its neighbors?

    2) compare this result with Dijkstra's algorithm computed last week
    (you'll have to redo Dijkstra for this network to compare them - which
    is good for most of you anyway).

    3) Assume that D goes down. Show three iterations between C, D, and E
    showing how bad news travels slowly

    thanking you and eagrly waiting for your reply.
  2. Pig Bladder

    Pig Bladder Guest

  3. redbelly

    redbelly Guest

    My advice is to ask yourself: can you realistically expect to be
    perfect, given the extreme difficulty you are having understanding the

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