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Digital TV: Why do we have to have it?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Chasing Kate, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    At the same time, analogue suffers from ghosting, noise etc. I'd rather have
    the occasional pixellation.
  2. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    It's not often that I agree with Phil but this is one of those times. There
    have been several explanations in other posts that you seem to be ignoring.
    I've given one or two myself.
  3. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Maybe in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but not in the rest of the country.
    There was one post recently from somebody who said his local Woolies has
    cheap STBs all the time. My local Woolies got 20. That's all they've ever
    had and they don't know if they'll ever get any more. A thorough check of
    Lower Hunter stores found no cheap STBs available at all.
  4. AJ

    AJ Guest

    He said it tunes in radio stations, did he mention digital at all. If
    you knew that there were digital broadcasts then you might have
    assumed that was what he was talking about, but futher back people
    were talking about having extra boxes remotes etc, and someone said
    that a STB could more or less get rid of a radio because it had radio
    tuner inbuilt, which to mine didn't specificaly mean digital. Its a
    whole heap of good if its only ABC stations you can tune in, isn't it.
    How does that help with poor radio receiption in these units that you
    are so fond of? It doesn't until such time as more than the ABC are
    broadcasting on digital, and with this digital radio is that the same
    standard as is being planned for digital radio or will it be something
    totally different?
    Don't know about that, and Oh FM radio was mentioned.
    Possible yes, but now, how many, and my guess is if its ABC then its
    probably only the national ABC stations and not the local ones.
  5. AJ

    AJ Guest

    Here-in lay the problem. Digital as has been pointed out will no doubt
    improve the quality for many, but it will also provide an inferior
    service for others. When I built my house 5 years ago the dealer I got
    the bits and peices off to install my antenna and my outlets
    recomended everything, espiecaly the splitters should have screw in
    connectors and not circuit board type splitters to improve the quality
    for when I do go digital. I'm not sure if what he was saying was true,
    but reckon it was, so how many people out there will go digital to
    find their internal cabling is maybe not 100% up to scratch?

    One of my friends who lives in the southern suburbs of Canberra
    changed to digital and had to go back because of too much
    pixilisation. He was in a poor receiption area before (one of the
    black holes in that part of the world) and clearly the reception for
    digital was just as shit. With analogue at least he had something

    No technology is 100% perfect, especialy when its transmitted over a
    radio wave. For me I would happliy go digital if I could walk into my
    local TV shop and buy a good priced set with the decoder in-built, for
    pretty much the same money as I would pay for a decent CRT TV, and for
    me that would be around the $1000 mark. At the moment I cannot see any
    reason to change, all the extra's that digital is capable of don't
    appeal to me at this stage and my current TV is working fine. If it
    were to go tits up then I would consider something else, but until
    that time why would I bother to change. I cannot speak for everyone in
    Aust, but I reckon the vast majority of people would have pretty much
    the same view as me on this one.

    New technology is a good thing, and no doubt delivers many advantages
    to us. Thats all well and good, but having it forced is another matter
    altogether, and eventually when analogue TV is turned off that is
    exactly what is being done to us.
  6. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "AJ" = a fucking mental case
    Phil Allison

    ** No need to - STB are digital devices.

    ** Merely because YOU did not know it existed so misread all the posts.

    DICKHEAD !!!

    ** Nice, ad free, hi-fi sound is available 24/7 - that is just what
    most folk want from FM radio and cannot get.

    ** Go and ACTUALLY read the URL I supplied - you bloody mental retard

    ................ Phil
  7. dmm

    dmm Guest

    If you've got pixellation, it's indicative of low signal strength. Try an antenna
    with a higher gain, and/or upgrade the coax from the antenna to the tv/vcr/tuner/digital tuner.
  8. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    The antenna hardware really doesn't matter that much unless your digital
    stations are in different bands to your analogue signals and even then it
    may not be a problem. If you're getting a good picture now, you will get a
    good digital picture. If you're getting a bad picture due to noise, digital
    may be an improvement. If you're suffereing from ghosting, digital probably
    will be an improvement.
    That was probably a fault of his location, not the antenna, unless the
    antenna was sub-standard to start with.
    I reckon you're right. ;)
    It's not really being forced on you. After digital transmissions start in
    your area analogue will remain available for 8 years. The changeover to
    digital was well publicised before digital transmissions even started. By
    the time analogue is finally turned off, most analogue TVs will be
    approaching the end of their lives so they'll need replacement anyway.
    Anybody who wants to get a few years extra out of the TV will just have to
    buy a STB but for most, the purchase of a digital set will just be a
    replacement of an existing set. New technology is forced on us all the time.
    Colour, stereo sound, surround sound, picture in picture, S-video and scart
    are just a few and none of these were actually mandated by the government.
  9. dewatf

    dewatf Guest

    TV station equipment had to be replaced with digital. The ABC had to
    beg for nearly $100m to afford it.

    In order to force people to adopt digital, because they won't do so by
    their free will, the digtial legislation calls for the analogue
    signals are to be switched off in 2008. Rendering TVs, VCRs, Tuner
    cards etc. useless.

  10. dewatf

    dewatf Guest

    A DVD quality picture is only slightly better than a PAL one (it will
    just be a bit crisper). When watching VHS, as I do most of the time,
    then then the picture is below PAL quality no matter whether I spend
    $100 on STBs (and have to programme that to record something) or not.

    I have no ghosting, I have no noise (except on SBS when there is a
    downpour). The only extra channels are SBS foreign news and repeats of
    ABC programmes. I get ABC2 on Foxtel, never actually wanted to watch
    anything on it though.

    A $150 analogue VCR will provide stereo and record programmes.
    Yet they don't abandon analogue, even for $100 STBs.

    And one STB won't get you off analogue. To do what I do now I would
    need 3 STBs or a DVR with tuners that could tape 2 programmes while
    watching a 3rd. And that will cost far more than $100. And to get
    significant benefits in picture and sound spend a lot more on a
    widescreen TV and surround sound stereo system.

    And the other TV in the house would some thing similar.

    A $100 STB would make bugger all difference to my views, as it would
    for most people, which is why they haven't bothered.

  11. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "dewatf" ...
    "Phil Allison"

    ** It is dramatically better - you pig ignorant fuckhead.

    ** You are not the subject - fuckhead.

    ** You are not the subject - fuckhead.

    ** You are not he subject - fuckhead.

    ** You are not he subject - fuckhead.

    ** You are not most people - fuckhead.

    ............. Phil
  12. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    Chasing Kate
    ** For ch 10 in Sydney to put a digital signal on air was ridiculously

    Only a small ( 5kw) transmitter and a digital modulator - peanuts to

    ** Nothing is rendered useless - you lying fuckhead.

    ............ Phil
  13. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    The second half will be shortly.
    They gave them away in Melbourne under Kennett.

  14. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest


    Just as I stated.

    Government in Australia is Federal, state, and local.

  15. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    Agreed. But I would rather have extra digital channels than dual
    transmission for ever.
    I'd love to know how Phil programs his VCR to tape from his STB, turn it on,
    and change channels when he's not home.
    Or how he proposes to do it when analog transmission is turned off.

    It will be partly useless anyway!

  16. Jacques Guy

    Jacques Guy Guest

    Except analogue mobile phones... perhaps?
  17. They gave them away in Melbourne under Kennett.


    ***** What a stupid moronic statement!! A load of absolute crap.
    Politics aside,the State of Victoria was paid an enormous amount of money by
    the buyers of the gas and electricity undertakings.

    Please engage brain before putting mouth into gear!!

    Brian Goldsmith
  18. Every single one of my arguments has been based on genuine benfits
    digital TV has for SOME people. Show me one of my arguments which has
    been "shot down".

    Digital has some very big benefits for a LOT of people for very little
    outlay in many cases, while others may find little or no benefit.

    Dave :)
  19. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    That's not an answer to my question. Telecommunications is still under the
    control of the government.
    That's Victoria. Who cares about Victoria?
  20. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Genuine perceived benefits. That's not the same as "actual"
    The claim that digital TV will benefit ANYONE with poor eyesight is the most
    glaring example. Even you have now revised that claim to just "some".
    You've changed your tune.
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