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Digital TV: Why do we have to have it?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Chasing Kate, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Almost all of them are brand new, and many come from offical dealers
    with full Australian warranty.
    Ebay is now a massive market for dealers, from one-man-bands in their
    bedroom to big companies with real premesis and staff who ship
    thousands of items a week.

    Dave :)
  2. I don't have bad eyesight myself, so can't speak for myself, but I have
    bought STBs for older relatives with eyesight problems and they rave
    about the clarity of the STB picture compared to what I think is pretty
    darn close to an ideal analog picture. They can now see stuff in detail
    without their glasses, don't get sore eyes etc. So obviously it CAN
    make a difference, and obvously you have no actual experience in this

    Dave :)
  3. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Most stereos have an FM receiver in them so it would seem rather pointless
    doing that. In any case the cheaper STBs usually have just one set of A/V
    sockets and most people feed those straight into the TV. If you want to use
    the stereo it makes matters more complex than the average person is
    interested in it being. Not only do you have to find/puyrchase additional
    cables you end up having to use 3 remotes just to listen to the radio. Most
    people like to be able to sit down, press ON and watch with one remote in
  4. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Obviously I have more experience than you. I have 80 year old parents with
    failing eyesight and they have lots of 80 year old friends. I live in an
    area with a large aged population and I run a business that originally
    started as a PC support operation but has expanded into other areas. I have
    quite a few aged customers who I see on a regular basis, both in a
    professional and personal capacity. Not one of them has ever raved about
    digital TV and yes, I have shown quite a few of them the benefits of digital
    while tuning their VCRs, fixing PCs, connecting Foxtel boxes etc. In almost
    every case a marked improvement has resulted from an increase in picture
    size, not from making an already clear picture clearer.
  5. The problem with your argument is that it only takes one single case to
    prove you wrong. I have several visually impaired people who contradict
    what you say, so the clearer STB picture CAN help some people.

    Dave :)
  6. Wrong again.
    Many of the low end STBs have SCART, A/V, and coax digital. That's 3
    (count them) audio outputs.
    My STB is the same brand as my TV, so I can share remote. In fact the
    single power button turns both sets on and off. Very nice.

    Dave :)
  7. Chasing Kate

    Chasing Kate Guest

    Yet plasma is heavily promoted despite this shortcoming
  8. Chasing Kate

    Chasing Kate Guest

    The government should never have its fingers in
    these sort of things...

    Leave it all to private industry to handle. They'd
    do a much better job IMHO
  9. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Not pointless at all - many folk find they have poor of no FM
    reception, very common with the antenna systems is blocks of units. In the
    same situation, a STB supplies perfect quality, interruption free music 24
    /7 - nothing like it is broadcast on the FM band at all.

    ** Only those who have no stereo in the same room.

    ** Rot - once connected to the stereo it is left that way.

    ** Rot - one pair of RCA leads from STB to stereo.

    ** Rot - only one is needed. The STB one.

    ............... Phil
  10. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Chasing Kate"

    ** What "things" are you mysteriously alluding to now ??

    Management of the use of electromagnetic spectrum ??

    That is absolutely and naturally and function of government.

    ** Again, you are not being specific and you have ignored all explanations

    Deliberately - like any other stinking troll.

    ............. Phil
  11. dewatf

    dewatf Guest

    $100 for an STB that when plugged into my 43cm mono TV gives me
    picture and sound pretty much indistinguishable from what I have now.

    I actually tape most of the TV I watch, often in LP to fit it all in,
    so I gain nothing except the hassle of having to plug in an STB and
    figure out how to programme it to timerecord with the VCR, and sort
    out how to have the whole set up work with Foxtel and my DVD player as

    If I want to watch a movie I am better off to hire it for $4 on DVD
    and watch the film without ads when I want to watch it.

    Since the household has 2 TVs and 3 VCRs in operation it would need 5
    STBs or new appliances with digital tuners just to get rid of

    And that's just to get what I get now. To benefit from the improved
    quality and sound of HD you need STBs that cost more than $100, a
    widescreen TV and a surround sound applifier and speakers.

    After all that if I want to watch a movie I am still better of paying
    $4 to hire the DVD and watch it without ads, watermarks, trailers and
    promos when ever I want to.

    Like the vast majority of viewers digital offers me absolutely nothing
    for a lot of expense and hassle. Which is why it failed to take off.

    The only place with rapid uptake of digital has been the UK where they
    mandated a simple low resolution medium-width picture as standard.
    They ensured that the STBs were compatible across Pay TV and FTA.
    Even then they screwed up by not having the security on terrestrial
    Pay strong enough.

    Yep. Colour TV added significant utility to viewers and they were
    prepared to pay a lot for it. Colour TV is the most most sucessful
    introduction of new broadcast technology. It was also fully
    compatable for BW viewers and didn't required the legislative junking
    of billions of dollars worth of privately owned electronics to prop it

  12. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Phil Allison"
    ** So fucking what ??

    The same STB will supply hi-fi sound to your stereo, a DVD quality pic to
    any AV equipped TV set, eliminate ghosts, eliminate noise, provide extra
    channels and work perfectly from a second rate antenna or in a poor or
    fringe location.

    ** Absolute crapology.

    A $100 STB will supply hi-fi sound to your stereo, a DVD quality pic to any
    AV equipped TV set, eliminate ghosts, eliminate noise, provide extra
    channels and work perfectly from a second rate antenna or in a poor or
    fringe location.

    ** A STB will supply hi-fi sound to your stereo, a DVD quality pic to any AV
    equipped TV set, eliminate ghosts, eliminate noise, provide extra channels
    and work perfectly from a second rate antenna or in a poor or fringe

    All for $100 or so - not $ 4000.

    ** You are a pathetic and really stupid liar.

    ............. Phil
  13. Chasing Kate

    Chasing Kate Guest

    That is what I was alluding to?

    Why should the government be in control of it and not a
    private independant industry body????

    Again I meant: Why not let private industry and an independent
    body to handle and run things like digital TV and who gets what
    and how the frequencies are divided up.....
  14. Chasing Kate

    Chasing Kate Guest

    Legislative junking?????

    Care to explain please?

    What was junked by legislation?
  15. Phil is quite right, you can pick up a perfectly good stb for $100.
    It can render a nice picture from something totally unwatchable on analogue
    ( ABC on Sydney northern beaches ).
    If you lash out like I did, you can get a stb with hard drive for $299 - so
    you get a noticeably better picture and no more video tapes to buy.
    Of course you may just be rich, and happy to share your cash around.

  16. WDino

    WDino Guest

    Firstly, anyone who HAS to ask that question apparently cannot distinguish a
    good quality TV picture from a poor one. The majority of the population are like
    that. They are happy to receive any sort of TV picture. SO digital will not do
    anything for them.

    Secondly, they will not realise that they are actually reaping part of the
    benefit of digital TV already. Since the TV stations began distributing their TV
    programmes in digital, the quality of the TV signal sent out from the existing
    analogue TV transmitters has improved enormously.

    Thirdly, the wider 16:9 aspect ratio can only be appreciated on a widescreen TV
    set and not on an analogue one. Most movies are widescreen (although usually
    more than 16:9).

    Fourthly, the quality of digital TV can only be appreciated on a large screen TV
    set. On any set less than 68 cm (diagonal) most people sit too far away to see
    any fine detail anyway.

    Finally, digital TV is much more spectrum efficient. So more channels can be
    fitted into the same TV frequencies. In Oz at least three Standard Definition
    digital TV channels can occupy on analogue TV channel.
    What does this mean to the viewer? Well, probably not much (except for the extra
    TV programming) but for the stations it means that they are getting more value
    for the money that they have paid out for their TV transmitting licence.
    And of course. in the long term, the Government will rake in more money as they
    will be able to sell more spectrum space.
  17. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** It is actually far better than that. Analogue TV signals cannot operate
    on adjacent frequencies - there has to be a wide vacant gap equal to
    another channel between any two stations. ( Chs 9 and 10 are separated by
    ch 9A - which is to be used for digital ) So for the usual 4 analogue
    channels to co-exist requires that another 7 or 8 channels be left vacant -
    one above and one below each channel.

    It is by the elimination of these vacant blocks of spectrum ( about 50 MHz
    worth in each capitol) that new services will be made possible.

    It is even better with the UHF band - with digital services all 41
    channels can be occupied in the same area instead of the previous max of
    about 20.

    So, allowing 3 x SD signals per channel number results in a possible 123
    digital TV channels on UHF !!!

    Another benefit is how much closer stations using the same frequency can be
    located - with analogue there has to be hundreds of miles of separation as
    even the slightest signal from a distant same frequency transmitter produces
    a visible image on the screen. With digital, the significantly stronger
    signal wins out and no sign of the weaker one is seen.

    .............. Phil
  18. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    You really don't understand how things work do you?

    You have to have one overall control and monitoring body or you'd have
  19. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Because there would be anarchy.
  20. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Chasing Kate"

    ** Because the EM spectrum is an extremely valuable public resource -
    you utterly mad cow.

    ** Because the Australian Government OWNS the frequency spectrum and MUST
    administer it for the public benefit.

    All users ( commercial or not) of the EM spectrum are licensed so that they
    can be made to operate in a way that does not interfere with other users nor
    is contrary to the public interest.

    Private industry has self interest and greed as its only driving forces -
    if you have not noticed.

    ............ Phil
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