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Digital TV: Why do we have to have it?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Chasing Kate, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Terry Collins"

    ** I see you like to take folks words out of context and then post bovine
    remarks under them.

    ** Moooooooooo.

    ............ Phil
  2. bruce varley

    bruce varley Guest

    Until the content improves, I'm perfectly happy with soso quality. That
    means I'm likely to be happy with it for ever.
  3. Denz

    Denz Guest

    Good Standard Definition STBs cost arount $200... and High Definition STBs
    cost around ... $500?
    If you have a 'normal size tv' and a good tv reception, there isnt really
    anything to be gained by digital tv. If you want to watch wide screen, High
    definition will get you there. Digital will eliminate effects of minor
    ghosting, noise, and interference. But if your reception isnt good, rather
    than having a poor quality picture, youll have none. And unfortunately with
    digital, with fast moving scenes you can notice pixelation (under some
    conditions atleast).
  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Phil Allison"

    ** You are out of touch - prices have fallen.

    ** Utter bullshit.

    SD digital supplies a DVD quality, noise and ghost free pic that very few
    folk have with analogue. Plus a semi wide screen option ( letterbox mode )
    that gives more of the picture than analogue 4:3 can.

    ** It can *remove* quite major ghosting and serious amounts of noise plus
    most RF interference.

    Pics can go from **totally unmatchable** to perfect - particularly
    true with channel 2 since the digital version is on VHF ch 12.

    ** Utter bullshit again - see above.

    ** Not true of the SD digital system.

    ............ Phil
  5. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    I think that's back to front. The political donations get the pollies to do
    whatever they are asked.
    The donations must come first.

  6. Sometimes they need to suggest possible reasons to donate to do, or not
    do something,
  7. TheMan

    TheMan Guest

    Awww you gonna have a cry because you blew 8 grand on a fizzer technology. Want a
    tissue mate?

  8. TheMan

    TheMan Guest

    Well thats meant to be the MAIN benefit.

    I would have been expecting similar quality to watching a DVD on a computer
    monitor, but instead it looks like TV PAL without ghosting and with digital
    pixelization(though this can be reduced if the TV stations sent a stronger digital
    signal). Very very disappointed indeed, the technology is a joke for something
    that is meant to be the next revolution in television. PAL Phased out by 2010??
    Yeah fucking right!

  9. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    ***************************** Crap

    Cheap STBs cost that much. GOOD ones cost more.
  10. Denz

    Denz Guest

    Dick Smith has a generic DSE for $138, Teac for $168, DGTec for $298,
    Panasonic for $298. High Definition ranges from $398 to $748. Dick Smith
    prices are usually fairly average
    All you need is a quality antenna, and no bad conditions to get a good
    picture (most of melb area can achieve this). Then theres no point in going
    digital. Quite unlike going from B&W to Colour. Sure, I appreciate letterbox
    when watching DVD's, but im not too fussed watching 4:3 on analog even if it
    is pan & scan or cropped.
    Ive youve seen digital work where analog had serious amounts of noise, thats
    encouraging. Ive heard this isnt always the case.
    I wish channel 2 analog had been on VHF ch 12
    Its frequency seems to be a bit low for optimum tv reception (maybe why 0
    moved to 10 ?)
  11. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "TheMan" = "TheFuckwit"

    ** That is just how mine looks.

    .............. Phil
  12. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Phil Allison"

    ** So you got ripped off - eh ??

    .............. Phil
  13. "Chasing Kate"

    Go back to your cave Leister I'm sure you'd enjoy the lifestyle better
    and we would be spared.

  14. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** That is a very good one.

    ** But NOT most of Sydney or other capitols.

    Melbourne is very flat and all the transmitters are right up on that
    mountain top !!

    ** Depends just how bad the noise is and if the issue is with ch 2 or not.

    Folk with poor antennas ( even indoor ones ) and ghosty/noisy installed
    systems in block of units find STBs work like magic.

    .............. Phil
  15. You'd better get yours looked at then because mine looks better than
    DVD (except with the AFL).

  16. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Michael A. Terrell" = a Yank

    ** In fairness - KLR never suggested otherwise.

    ** Some Aussie sites are using 5 kW transmitters for the DTV signal or even
    a standby transmitter.

    he situation here is still in a state of change.

    ** In Aussie - networks are forced by law to have both at present but only
    DTV will continue in 2008.

    IIRC, they are now allowed to use up to a 50 kW transmitter for the
    combined SD and HD signals.

    ( snip interesting plumbing info ..... )

    ................ Phil
  17. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    No it isn't. There is no single main benefit.
    PAL isn't being phased out. Analogue is being phased out and it isn't by
    2010. It's at least 2014 in some areas.
  18. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    ************************************************ No, haven't got one. I
    don't see any point in getting one because I get excellent FTA reception but
    I prefer to watch Foxtel.

    Cheap STBs are $80-$150
    Good STBs cost at least $200

    Prove otherwise
  19. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Phil Allison"

    ** The cheaper ones are still good ones - you seem to have simply assumed
    they are not.

    A big mistake when the Chinese are now killing prices on all such

    ............. Phil
  20. Dean Collins

    Dean Collins Guest

    IPTV is already being delivered in a number of worldwide trials.

    Telstra (not foxtel) will be rolling out their own version of this later
    this year (VOD for movies - not true iptv).

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