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Digital TV: Why do we have to have it?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Chasing Kate, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Firefly

    Firefly Guest

    I agree with Nicholas. A decent antenna system makes a world of difference
    to analogue and provides a quite respectable picture on a large TV.
  2. Have you ever looked at an LCD when it's running in less than its native
    resolution (yuck!)? I bet you get similar problems with this.

    Nicholas Sherlock
  3. WDino

    WDino Guest

    Sure, but even with the best antenna system you still get noise on analogue. And
    it you put too much signal into your analogue TV receiver you get crosmodulation.

    The whole point is that digital IS better than analogue.
    But it is only really effective on a large screen.
  4. WDino

    WDino Guest

    Of course you can be limited by the bitrate (and hence number of pixels) from
    the source.
    But thankfully in Oz they have chosen to send the maximum bitrate.
    As for the projector, a picture with less than the 1920 x 1080 looks better on
    this screen than the same picture on a lower resolution projector.
    For example, it has been compared with most of the SVGA projectors available in
    OZ and is far superior - because the pixels are just not evident, even at that
    lower resolution of 800 x 600 (with either a DVD or SD TV as the source). Why?
    Well it seems that the edges of the pixels (from the source) are softened by the
    processor. This is independant of using component or DVI connection.

    It seems that only people who have not had this big quality screen experience
    argue about analogue versus digital - obviously because they have opinions but
    not facts.
  5. WDino

    WDino Guest

    I was comparing the excellent analogue and good digital. Obviously when you have
    sufficient signal from the antenna you can make a valid comparison but not

    Of all of the hundreds (probably thousands) of places that I have been to, very
    few had a need to change their antenna or cables. Most of the problem is that
    peoples expectations (from what they have been told) are different to that which
    can actually be provided.
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