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Digital TV: Why do we have to have it?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Chasing Kate, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest


  2. They have done that in Germany and, I think, some place in Scotland where
    they trialled the first total digital cutovers. It was free or heavily
    subsidised STBs, IIRC.
  3. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    I like watching widescreen too but that doesn't negate the fact that most
    people hate it.
    So you still have two items. You're lucky only to need one. I have a decent
    TV that has functions on it that require the use of the TV remote like the
    mosaic function that scans all video inputs and channels via the inbuilt
    tuner and displays the results as a series of 16 images on the screen. That
    lets me see what is on each channel without surfing. Digital severely limits
    No They aren't. I'm simply demonstrating why digital isn't the wonderful
    benfit to everyone that some make it out to be.

    There are two sides to this coin you know.

    I never said there wasn't but one side of the coin has about 750,000 people
    on it while the other has 4.5 million
  4. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    *note to self. Mr.T is more insane than Herc*
  5. It's quite clear from this thread that better picture/sound/widescreen/HD
    alone aren't sufficient carrots to joe public.

    IMO the majority would be much more likely to take on digital if there was
    even one more commercial channel on offer - either through allowing a fourth
    digital-only network, or by allowing multichannelling on the existing
  6. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Apparently it was enough to get you to reply, which is the aim of a troll.
    Personally I don't see Phil as a troll. An idiot? Most definitely, but not a
  7. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    I agree.
  8. You know "most" people who watch TV do you?
    You must be a popular guy!
    Wow, that many!
    750,000 is a surprisingly high number for an emerging technology.
    Digital must really have some great benefits for those people hey?

    What do you think, the 4.5M other people have all weighed up the pros
    and cons of digital TV and decided that it's not worth it?
    Probably half of them wouldn't have a clue what digital TV is.

    Quoting those numbers is meaningless, it's not as simple as that.

    Dave :)
  9. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Morons come to the above brain dead troll for post graduate lessons.

    ............ Phil
  10. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    I realise you're a bit slow but this is a generally accepted view. There has
    been a lot of feedback from people to video stores, TV retailers, Pay TV
    companies etc over the years to support this. Maybe you should do a little
    bit of research.
    Not really. I'm not even sure that figure is accurate. Figures that I've
    seen show takeup of only about 275,000 but I think the 750,000 came from a
    government source. Regardless, stations have been broadcasting digital TV
    programs for 4 years in Australia so a takeup of only 750,000 over that time
    is not great. It represents less than 15% market penetration, compared to
    Pay TV's 23-30%.
    Not necessarily. I know quite a few people who've purchased STBs more out of
    curiosity and there have been people who've seen the Woolies $79 models on
    special and snapped them up becuase other models they've seen were far more
    expensive. There are also the "early adopters" (ie technojunkies) who just
    have to have the latest and greatest YESTERDAY, regardless of the price.
    And the rest don't give a shit!
    The government disagrees. That's why there is an inquiry.
  11. dewatf

    dewatf Guest

    That would still involve screwing around nearly half the population.
    The UK required 85% to have adopted digital before any switching off
    of analogue.

    Our legislationdoesn't even say majority, says nothing that protects
    comsumer interesters as it was all down from the commerical
    broadcasters perspective. All it says is that is it was planed to
    happen in 2008, based on the assumption that everyone would have
    rushed out to spend thousands on HD equipment, and they there were to
    be reviews that the government is still stuffing around with to get
    the predetermined results.

  12. The 2008 date is - as I said - only a target. There is actually no
    legislated cutoff date.

    As stated in the media realease announcing the inquiry, "the Australian
    public has not bought into the technology, and it is anticipated that
    digital television will be taken up by less than 50 per cent of Australian
    households by 2008".

    I use the word "majority" on that basis, but it would be likely that a
    "large majority" would be required before they would consider cutting any
    area over to digital.
  13. dmm

    dmm Guest


  14. Pedro

    Pedro Guest

    $130 for SD box now so then it will be $50 anyway.
    People waste more on a bottle of wine in one night! They will have to get
    one or grow a brain.
  15. Er we hate him as much as the rest of Aust. Apart from Collingwood
    supporters that is.
  16. And why replace it with Something worse?
    For me Digital offers Inferior performance to Analogue TV. I am probably a
    bit less than 30KM from the Transmitters and receive good clean Picture
    quality on analogue however the STB (I am now on my Second STB the first had
    a noticeable delay between Audio and Picture in addition to the other
    problems) often pixelates, freezes and causes loud short squeals.

    I do not own a HD TV nor can I justify the cost at the moment so I do not
    actually get any benefit from Digital TV unless I was prepared to spend more

    I am not really sure why I bothered with the STB -except a Friend lent them
    to me long term (ie they were/are free) and I generally find watching
    analogue TV a lot less of a nuisance (due to the issues listed above) so I
    tend to watch Analogue and probably will until the ignorant sods turn it

    I am starting to get the feeling that where the 80's and 90's may have been
    about getting Technology to improve performance - ie CD players etc that the
    push nowadays is for Consumers to accept lower quality goods ie Digital TV,
    Typical 'Home theater Systems' MP3 Players and Mobile phones.
  17. It is ??????????? Could have fooled Me !
    At least with analogue I have a perfect picture. Digital I have a good
    Picture with bursts of pixeallation, Freezes, audio Drop outs and occasional
  18. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    What channels are your analogue stations on?
  19. Typhoid

    Typhoid Guest

    Chasing Kate wrote...
    Here's another idea:

  20. 28,10,9,7,2 (Sydney)
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