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Digital TV: Why do we have to have it?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Chasing Kate, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    It's only 2008 in some areas. Analogue will be around until at least 2014
    and probably longer in some areas.
  2. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Analogue phones were a different kettle of fish. I got my first mobile phone
    in mid 1997. I tried to get a digital phone but there were none available.
    That was definitely a waste. The phase-in was too quick, unlike digital
    which has been phasing in forever it seems.
  3. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Analogue, not PAL.
  4. 2008 is the target date for metro areas but it won't happen unless a
    majority of people have made the switch. That would seem pretty unlikely
    unless people are given a decent incentive to make the switch. For me, once
    I had a widescreen TV that was enough reason... but for the majority they
    can't see any point. If you've put up with average reception for years and
    couldn't be bothered spending $100 to improve it then why would you now?
  5. Jacques Guy

    Jacques Guy Guest

    Same story here.
    $520 down the drain in my case. Ten bottles of very good
    whisky :-(
  6. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest


  7. When will you ever get it?

    What Digital has done for me (and many others I know):
    I now get a perfect and much clearer picture on every channel, where I
    didn't before. An ACTUAL REAL benefit for me and many others.
    I can now pick up channels I could not pick up before, an ACTUAL REAL
    benefit for me and many others.
    I now get widescreen which I didn't before, an ACTUAL REAL benefit for
    me and many others.
    I now get online program guide where I didn't before, an ACTUAL REAL
    benefit for me and many others.
    I now get any additional channels or views available, an ACTUAL REAL
    benefit for me and many others.
    I now get improved sound, an ACTUAL REAL benefit for me and many

    All for the princely sum of $130 or so, others have even paid much

    These befits can be had by MANY others, but obviously not everyone. I
    have never claimed everyone can get these benefits. Some people may not
    even want them and are perfectly happy with what they have now. I have
    never claimed otherwise.

    Of course you wouldn't really know, you don't even own an STB.
    I could have worded my first post on that a bit better I guess, I MEANT
    it helped the people I know, I was not implying it could help EVERYONE.

    Of course if that is your only example of my arguments being "shot
    down" then I think I've done fairly well. You obviously can't refute
    any of the technical benfits of digital TV.
    Not one bit.

    You are the one who has been "shot down" I'm afraid.

    Still claiming that you need a "good" and "expensive" STB to get the
    above benfits are you?

    This thread is now so tired it's not funny.

    Dave :)
  8. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    Eddie Maguire
  9. <sigh> Why do you bother? Here's a thought why not try some research
    as to what's gone on in similar situations before displaying your
    ignorance for all to see and essentially trolling the newsgroup.
  10. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    But not for many others who already get a good TV signal. Therefore it's not
    an actual benefit for them.
    I think that's a preceived benefit. Maybe you should stay off the wacky
    weed. I'm sure the only channels you get are channels that have always been
    Most people don't like widescreen because it looks like crap on their 53, 48
    and 34cm TVs.
    Now you have a remote in each hand instead of a remote in one hand and a TV
    guide in the other. MOST people prefer paper guides. That's why ebooks have
    never taken off and why Foxtel had to give its Foxtel Digital viewers a
    magazine after they got upset.
    Most people just want to see the channels that are already there.
    I already get good sound, but that's because I have a good TV. Of course
    most people are happy with any sound.
    Others have paid even less and they're quite happy.
    YAWN. I have used them though and I've set quite a few up.
    Your post certainly implied that.
    It's the only one I provided because you only asked for one. There are more
    but I'm not out to discredit you.
    "Even if you have a perfect picture on all or some channels, the digital
    picture is so much clearer, so there is a benefit there alone, just ask
    anyone with eyesight problems who have trouble seeing a normal analog

    You've changed from "anyone' to "some" That's just one example and more than
    enough to show that "Not one bit" is not true.
    I haven't been shot down at all. Not once.
    I've never claimed that. My claim was "but the cheaper the STU, the fewer
    features that it will have. That's fairly true of anything."
    That's still true.
    Translated: "I can't take this any more. I want to go home."
  11. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    I meant who of any importance.
  12. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    Eek! I got a standard Motorola phone on a $10 per month plan. I can't
    remember what the phone cost but I know it wasn't much, if anything at all.
  13. Bazil

    Bazil Guest

    Who cares about Eddie Maguire?
  14. Roy Wilke

    Roy Wilke Guest

    Toll me more...
  15. Wrong as always.
    How many times do I have to tell you. I now get channels I could NOT
    pick up before with the same antenna. SBS was an UNWATCHABLE snow
    storm, ABC changed with the phase of the moon and the fairies, and
    7/9/10 had occasional snow but were otherwise pretty good.
    I now get a PERFECT DVD quality picture on every channel by simply
    plugging in my STB.

    You are the one who should stay off the wacky weed if you think you
    think you know what I get on MY system.

    I have widescreen TV. Others with widescreen TV will get the same
    benfit, those without a widescreen TV (like you) won't get the same
    BTW, I know many people who LIKE having widescreen on their 4:3 TV,
    they LIKE the extra image information even if they have a small image
    I prefer the paper guide too, but the on screen guide is an extra
    benefit for those those who want it. It's free. You can choose to
    either use it or not. The
    As I said before, I only have ONE remote, not TWO.

    All of your arguments are based around finding people and situations
    where digital TV is of no benefit while ignoring the huge benefits it
    can and does offer others. There are two sides to this coin you know.

    I do hope you find the cheap STB in Woolies are you are lusting after
    so you can give digital a go, and I'm looking forward to seeing your
    continued contributions to soon.

    Dave :)
  16. Check out the links David Jones gave elsewhere in this thread.
    Also, between all the major retailers, something suitable is constantly on

  17. Hmmm, and why do you $$$think$$$ it's being heavily promoted despite this

  18. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    I haven't specifically checked the difference but will do so next
  19. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Michael A. Terrell" = yet another utterly obnoxious Septic Tank idiot

    ** Piss off - you sickening, obnoxious WANKER !!!

    PISS OFF !!!!

    ............. Phil
  20. Chasing Kate

    Chasing Kate Guest

    Hey here's an idea

    Why don't the government give a tax break for the
    purchase of either a new widescreen TV or a full
    digital set up near the date when the systems are
    to switch over???

    Or some other kind of incentive like free STB
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