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Digital TV: Why do we have to have it?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Chasing Kate, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Chasing Kate

    Chasing Kate Guest

    Yes there's a parliamentary inquiry on at the moment
    looking into why more people are not purchasing digital
    set top boxes....

    In other words a great piss up for the people involved LOL and
    nothing constructive will come out of it IMHO......

    But the one question I'd like answered is why?

    Why do we have to go to full digital TV?

    This is a forced death for the existing system which seems
    to work dam fine in other parts of the world so why change
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Chasing Kate"

    ** Analogue TV was invented in the 1930s and colour TV came out in the
    early 1950s - it was a product of the valve era which has lasted a very
    long time. Similarly for AM and FM broadcast radio which will go digital
    too before long.

    Digital TV simply offers too many technical benefits to ignore at a cost to
    the consumer that is tiny.

    ............. Phil
  3. dude

    dude Guest

    : This is a forced death for the existing system which seems
    : to work damn fine in other parts of the world so why change
    : it?

    Absolutely no reason, except arbitrary parliamentary decisions. It was the same
    with the phase-out of analogue mobile phones, it actually didn't NEED to happen,
    but the govt. decreed that it would, by a certain date.
  4. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    That's a rather simplistic and misinformed opinion.
  5. Brissie

    Brissie Guest

    Most countries in the world like the US, UK, Canada, etc are now
    almost 100% digital.
  6. KLR

    KLR Guest


    The benefits that I can think of off the top of my head are

    MUCH MUCH less power used at the transmission sites, (for the same
    given range) and I think you can even run many different stations from
    the one transmitter unit whereas now you need a separate transmitter
    for each station (all coupled into the one transmission aerial in some
    cases though)

    +The cost savings at a typical transmission site would be enormous
    when you also take into account the extra energy used in air
    conditioning, fan cooling and such that's needed to get rid of the
    heat from an analog transmitter.

    +Much better picture quality. Waste of time for most people that use
    a 14"-20" (maybe 26") set - but with a big screen or projector system
    it is a huge advantage

    +Less use of the broadcast band

    +Easy to improve the system by simple upgrades to the software at both
    ends. Less need to replace the entire transmitter/receiver, or major
    parts of it, however in our modern throw-away society - it probably
    doesn't matter that much anymore in the market place if something is
    obsolete and gets discarded..


    The downside is that any digital system could be used by unscrupulous
    operators now or in the future to select who is going to view what,
    and to charge exhorbitant prices for access rather than the "free and
    open system" that we have now where for the cost of a TV set - you can
    view whatever you want to view for no charge for the life of the set.
    (well - until FTA is finally turned off for good) :)

    Sadly - the way the laws are made here - I can't see much good coming
    out of all this for the consumer at the end of the day


    My experience too (as a consumer) with the digital STB is that, just
    like pay TV units and such, you have this stupid hillbilly system of
    having only one channel being output at one time from the box - this
    means another remote control to fiddle with, another ugly piece(s) of
    shit to sit near the TV (and wire into the system) the inability to
    record one program while watching another, and if you have one of the
    Picture in Picture sets - that function is rendered useless too. To
    most people, including myself - its just a bloody hassle that I don't
    want or need, and that in this day and age of cheap hi-tech electronic
    devices - simply should have been fixed long ago. for non-technical
    consumers - it must really give them the shits having to go through
    such a rigmarole too if they ever want to do anything more than just
    watch the one channel on the one set at the one time.


    if STB's did rebroadcast all (or at least several user preselected)
    channels down to the UHF band - so you could easily select them from
    the TV with your exitsing TV remote, (as you can currently do now
    with FTA programs), it would make a big difference.

    Make a "rebroadcasting" unit like I described - and install it into
    the residence out of sight and out of mind and "trasparent" to the end
    user and I feel it will eliminate a major obstacle to consumer
    acceptance rate of digital would improve.

    Let's face it also - except for the extra TV channel (abc kids
    programs) - and one (not bad) ABC radio station that I get on mine -
    there still isn't a huge incentive for the average person with the
    average relatively small screen to buy one.
  7. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "TheMan" = TheFuckwit

    ** Got a nice STB at home thanks.

    ** It must have gone blind from all that public wanking.

    ** This imbecile is right off with the pixies.

    ............ Phil
  8. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** It is less - but not dramatically.

    Once all planned HD and SD signals are on air * together* there will be
    almost no benefit - the full power of the original transmitter will still
    be needed.

    ** No such benefit exists.

    ** What drivel - the improvement ( no noise of ghosts) is visible on all

    ** Some VHF space will be opened up - UHF is going to get real crowded

    ** Dual channel STBs exist.

    ** To decode two MPEG signals at once almost doubles the amount of
    circuitry needed.

    ** Total pipe dream - off with the pixies stuff.

    ** There will be in a couple of years ;-)

    ................ Phil
  9. ferret

    ferret Guest

    One of stuffs the govt was to put the cart before the horse.
    They blackmailed the TV stations to change to digital or loose your
    license well before any STB or Digital TVs became available to the
    general public. Then theres the marketing balls up, retailers of
    equipment had no idea and no training. Not even the stores had a
    picture that was even remotely watchable, and always blamed the

    Compared to the Intro of Color
    TAFEs were training techs on all factors of the new system,
    years before it was released. The acceptance of color was
    very quick, even though it was expensive.

    And theres the regional areas......
    Some can't even get a Phone on, so how are they going to get
    digital TV.
  10. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "ferret" = ferkwit

    ** Totally false.

    ** None is needed.

    ** Blatant lie.

    ** Asinine drivel - STBs are piss simple to use with any TV and antenna.

    ** Ever heard of radio waves - ferkwit ??

    No wires involved !!

    ............ Phil
  11. ferret

    ferret Guest

    If theres crap on TV now with analogue not worth watching,
    why watch it in digital ?

    It certainly hasn't improved the quality of Television
  12. dewatf

    dewatf Guest

    That is all rubbish.

    The reason colour was sucessful was because adding colour was a
    significant improvement in the veiwing experience.

    The reason digital has been a failure is that it offers only
    incremental improvement in sound and picture at great expense.
    Anything that could have appealed to viewers like extra content was
    banned to please Packer and Ten.

    Digital TV has sort of worked where it is suitable: Pay TV. People
    will pay the extra for digital pay TV, which by the way has picture
    and sound of far less quality than the FTA HD standard that was

    The idea that people will pay more to watch the same FTA stuff full of
    ads in digital was the problem.

  13. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Crap - good STBs cost around $100.

    In 1976, a colour TV cost $700 to $ 800 = about $4000 to $ 5000 today.

    .............. Phil
  14. You are correct there. By talking about phasing out the analoge phone
    system, the political parties encouraged a lot of political donations.
  15. The money you would otherwise spend installing 20 towers?
  16. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Terry Collins"

    ** Keep guessing - and wanking.

    ........... Phil
  17. Who_tat_me

    Who_tat_me Guest

    As the previous poster said, Digital TV simply offers too many *technical*
    benefits. How it looks is just one benefit.
  18. Poxy

    Poxy Guest

    With DTV, you get more efficient use of the existing spectrum - ie. more
    channels in the same space. This opens the opportunity for more content, but
    government legislation severly restricts what extra material can be
    broadcast on free-to-air.

    That said, from a consumer point of view, there is little benefit. Analogue
    TV looks great on a properly-tuned TV, DTV doesn't necessarily look any
    better, and the artefats that occur due to poor signal or poor encoding are
    more noticeable

    HDTV might be a great idea theoretically, but I'd argue that consumers would
    have a hard time picking it from standard def pictures.
  19. Naah, the money I would spend on getting the set top box and new
    widescreen TV could be invested and interest spent on better adsl
  20. But apart from penile sublimation of bragging rights, why would I spend
    it to get the same crap I get now.
    That one died along time ago and when it comes to $4,000 dollars, well
    that is about enough DVD's to run on the old one or on my computer
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