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Digital TV Antenna Scam ?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Phil Allison, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Hi,

    the other day I watched an installer put a new TV antenna on top of a block
    of units in Sydney - from the roof top there is a line of sight to the
    transmitter towers 11 kms away.

    He removed the old antenna that had been there for 10 years or so and
    replaced it with an identical looking one - a "combination" analogue
    /digital type with elements all in one plane - like this one:

    In 18 months time, analogue TV will be switched off in Sydney - whence all
    such large antennas will become unsaleable.

    Something like this one seems more logical as it is a fraction the size and
    gives far more gain and a better F/B ratio.

    Surely the owners of the block would be well advised to go for an antenna
    like the above.

    What gives ?

    .... Phil
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest



    -For FM radio reception also ?

    ** Nearly all blocks in city areas have boosters and splitters that INCLUDE
    an FM trap.

    This will no longer be needed when analogue TV goes.

    I have not seen a digital PLUS FM band antenna on offer OR any boosters
    splitters that are digital only with FM bad.

    -Stock they are trying to get rid of while it is still saleable

    ** Yep - and that would be a scam.

    -Installer doesn't know what they are doing.

    ** Scammers all say shit like that.

    .... Phil
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