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Digital to Analog Tv

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mac, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. mac

    mac Guest

    Can anyone tell me of a low cost way to get digital tv on analog tvs. Cable
    is not available in my area and I don't
    know where I can get a low cost converter. Thanks, Mac
  2. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Doesn't the digital receiver have an analog output?

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    to the cited author.]

  4. Art

    Art Guest

    Connect the CATV Wire to the RF input of the set, it will receive all the
    stations that are not pay-per-view or premium stations. That is if you have
    paid for the basic cable service. Otherwise maybe an outside antenna??<
  5. mac

    mac Guest

    I just have regular analog set but need to be able to get the new digital
    broasdcasts without buying a new
    costly digital tv.
  6. mac

    mac Guest

    I don't have cable.......I receive over the air tv.
  7. NSM

    NSM Guest

    Search in "Consumer Electronics" on eBay for (digital analog) and keep
    looking. Make sure it's what you want before bidding.

  8. Phil Bowser

    Phil Bowser Guest

    I use an RCA ATSC21 Set-top box with excellent results. I get over 15
    freeze-free channels plus some not-so-strong... (I DO have to turn the
    antenna) and that doesn't even include the subchannels - most DTV stations
    are simulcasting several channesl in their digital transport stream. Street
    price 6 mo. ago when I purch. was abt. $375, probably less now...
    Basically, I can get all the major networks anytime I want - including NBC,
    ABC, FOX, CBS, UPN, WB, PBS, and some independents...I was able to compare
    an older Panasonic, and an older RCA DTC100 Settop box with a built-in
    Directv receiver, and the ATSC21 outperformed them both by far. It handles
    multipath the best of any I've seen, and is at least 6db more sensitive
    than the 1999 model Panasonic (but then so are most newer STBs...) I've
    also heard Samsung's TU-151 is a good unit, but have no personal experience
    with it. (Also, I think I omitted some characters from the Samsung's model
    number...) Zenith / LG electronics has a good one, too I hear... Hope this
  9. mac

    mac Guest

    Sounds good except for the price of $375........Thanks, but for now I really
    can't afford anything near that
    much. It will be a big shock if the public has to pay even 1/4 that much to
    use their old tv's in 2006 when
    all tv stations are scheduled to broadcast in only digital format, as I
    understand it. I could be wrong, but
    I don't think the public is that close to being ready for it, unless
    converter boxes come down drastically
    from the above price, so that the tv s most people are using now will pick
    up the digital broadcast.
  10. Look on ebay for a used Hughes HD satellite receiver. You might find one
    cheap that is not working as a satellite receiver. They have lots of
    problems with the satellite tuners but the OTA tuner seems pretty reliable.
    I have one in my shop that I use just for OTA reception.

  11. Phil Bowser

    Phil Bowser Guest

    Your right, of course about the price coming down, I'm sure it already
    has since the time when I bought mine, and will continue to do so, as unit
    supply begins exceeding demand, like VCRs for under $50... You just have to
    be willing to wait. Personally, I am only interested in the major networks,
    and live in an area where I receive many stations OTA. I cannot see paying
    a $39.00 or more per month Cable or Directv bill, and would rather invest in
    equipment like this instead. Looking at it from this point of view, it
    would pay for itself in just a few months versus a cable or satellite bill.
    I used to be a C-band subscriber because they at least let you buy channels
    individually for a reasonable rate (usually $1.15 or so per desired channel
    per month). I hate the fact that they (Cable, Directv, etc.) force a whole
    group of channels down your throat with high rates, and in some cases the
    "ONE" channel you may want is part of their $85/mo. group, etc... - It's
    highway robbery. I am just stubborn enough that when free OTA TV is a thing
    of the past, I probably will quit watching altogether. Unfortunately the
    general public has proven overall that they are perfectly willing to pay for
    TV, so I look to the future to hold even Terrestrial DTV signal scrambling,
    with subscription fees. If you look at the structure of the digital data
    transport stream, the ability to incorporate scrambling is already
    incorporated! yuck...
  12. Guest

    Might one of the cards for the PC help you out? My ATI HDTV wonder was
    delivered for $178.There are also the Hauppage and DIVCO fusion cards.
    You can check for a list of the off-air stations in you
    area. The Winegard square shooter antenna works well for me in the LA
    area. My Samsung set top box also has a composite 480i output.
    Glenn Gundlach
  13. mac

    mac Guest

    Thanks.........the Hughes HD receiver seems interesting. And to Leo....your
    sentiments simuliar to mine.
    Tanks to all.
  14. mac

    mac Guest

    I pretty much agree with you......but we probably wont stop watching. Tho
    I,m definitely cutting back
    or trying to hold the line on the escalating cost of these electronic
    services. I remember $2.00 electricity
    bills. I did not even have a phone until I had served four years in the
    military and I made it fine with
    less worrys than now.
  15. mac

    mac Guest

    Good info.
  16. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    Now is a good time to buy one of these boxes. The new models have
    just come out, so the old ones are on sale. I found a returned Zenith
    HDTV box for $50 at circuit city last week. They can be had for as
    little as $100 on ebay.

    I agree that they will have to get a lot cheaper before everyone can
    have one. It will also leave people in fringe areas out in the cold.
    Even a very weak analog signal is usable, but it's all or nothing with
    Andy Cuffe

    <-- Use this email address first

  17. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    You got only two choices.

    1). Get a digital box that converts to analog out for the standard to match
    to your set.
    2). Go out and buy a digital set.

    Other than that, there is no way to make a TV set receive a signal that is
    of completely different specs that what it was designed for.

    Basically to do what you want to do without suggestions 1 and 2, you are

    One other thing... In order to have the digital services on your digital
    box, you must be subscribed for these. Otherwise, in your situation, you can
    only watch basic converted analog pictures, no matter what type of set you


    Jerry G.

    Can anyone tell me of a low cost way to get digital tv on analog tvs. Cable
    is not available in my area and I don't
    know where I can get a low cost converter. Thanks, Mac
  18. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    I doubt there will be much shock, people are already doing it all the time
    with digital cable and satelite, if I had to guess I'd say that 99% of
    digital TV reception is via one of those two mediums, I wasn't even aware
    that digital over-air TV broadcasts even existed. I'm one of *very* few
    people I know without cable or satelite, digital or not. These days you can
    get most TV shows on DVD, excellent picture quality, no channel logos, along
    with all the advantages of Tivo.
  19. none

    none Guest

    You forget that in many areas cable/satelite still don't offer the
    local broadcast channels as part of their basic package.
    Many will have to get a converter box and most will go into shock if
    they have to pay more than 50 bucks for it.
    Unless the cost of digital sets go down drastically I'll be sticking
    with my old ntsc set.( Paying over a grand for a tv is IMO pure
    insanity, I don't care how good the picture is.)
  20. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Where does cable not offer the local channels?
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