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Digital Speedometer, Calibration, Report Writing

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by RsK, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. RsK

    RsK Guest

    Hi everyone

    I am working on a Digital Speedometer, i almost finished making PCB
    for the digital speedometer which includes 3 parts, 1 power supply, 2
    sensor part, 3 digital speedometer PCB, its looks like working and
    giving display as well, am working on the ICs because i need to write
    up report on all the steps i did including the working of whole PCB,
    but the thing is that still am unable to do anything? am too much
    confused, is there anyboday who would be able to help me to write up?
    i will forward all the PCB drawings made in Dip Trace software, ICs
    used, components details, circuit schemetic as well. So please tell me
    if any body would be able to write some good stuff for me proper,
    I hope that somebody is going to help me out?

  2. Tim Dunne

    Tim Dunne Guest

    So what you're saying is that you've found some other chaps project on the
    net and you want us to explain to you how it works...

    HTH, HAND.

  3. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    That was so harsh of you to say. I would have told the OP to merely go
    **** himself.
  4. werty

    werty Guest

    He bought the PCB .. He has most of the
    stuff together , so now learn the easy way ,
    ask others who have built it ...

    I never make a PCB , first .
    I always cobble it together , cordwood
    or on cardboard or whatever , for speed .

    Tax laws in the US prevent us from competing
    in the world . We can't get cometivive pricing
    on SRAM . I'll have to go Asia and buy a bag
    test em and smuggle em ...
    I build test equip' .
  5. So how do you test pizza's?

  6. Test a pizza's what?

    Apostrophes are not used for plurals, except in certain special

    Rich Grise, Self-Appointed Chief,
    Apostrophe Police
  7. sorry, my bottle of wine cant' spell

  8. Jerry Avins

    Jerry Avins Guest

    As far as I know, there are no legitimate special cases. Not even for
    acronyms like PCBs

  9. Jerry Avins

    Jerry Avins Guest

    So what's with hi's bottle? (Apostrophes are for possessives, no?)

  10. Hi's name should be capitalized here. ;-)

    Apostrophes are for possessives, Yes, BUT NOT IN POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS!
    i.e., his, hers, its, yours, ours, theirs.

    And the apostrophe also indicates omitted letters as in a contraction,
    its = belonging to it
    it's = it is.

    So, "equip'" could be construed as a contraction for "equipment", where
    the apostrophe sort of "place-holds" for the "ment" part. :)

    Rich Grise, Self-Appointed Chief,
    Apostrophe Police
  11. OK, I'll buy that. :)

    Rich Grise, Self-Appointed Chief,
    Apostrophe Police
  12. Jerry Avins

    Jerry Avins Guest

    Gee, thanks! So why do so many commercial signs use apostrophes for
    plurals -- a local gas station proclaims "Bay's Available" and quote
    marks for emphasis? What do you make of
    "Bread" baked fresh daily

  13. D Herring

    D Herring Guest

    Use the apostrophe in plurals of
    - some single characters (uppercase vowels and all lowercase letters)
    - short (2-3 letter) words ending in an ess or vowel sound (In "do's and
    dont's", the second apostrophe stays for symmetry.)
    - some unfamiliar lowercase abbreviations
    - (depending on house style) decades (e.g. the 80's vs the 90s)

    Supporting links:
  14. Jerry Avins

    Jerry Avins Guest

    What is a dont? :) I prefer to write "DOs" and "DON'Ts".
    I know about them. I think they're logically indefensible. Still,
    Clarity of meaning should take precedence over logic, so I don't usually
    get upset by them.

  15. Because mostly, they're idiots. :)

    To me, that means they're making something that they're calling "bread",
    that isn't really bread. :) Kinda like "buttery" popcorn or "chocolaty"
    frozen yogurt, and so on. ;-)

    Rich Grise, Self-Appointed Chief,
    Apostrophe Police
  16. I didn't check the "pizza" link (do people misspell "pizza" a lot?), but
    the "apostrophe" link seems spot-on.

    I just wanted to comment, when you're reading some hype/blurb about some
    new whiz-bang software, and the "programmer" who writes it up can't spell
    or apostrophize right, and so on, I wonder, "If the guy's this sloppy with
    his writing, how bad must the software be?"

    Heh - just checked the "pizza" link, and it looks fine to me. :)

    Rich Grise, Self-Appointed Chief,
    Apostrophe Police
  17. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    You're both acting like insufferable boors.

    This is sci.electronics.basics, where the only dumb question is the one
    that you don't ask.

    If OP really _is_ asking for someone to do his/her homework, that will
    become clear soon, and _then_ we can start lecturing about the importance
    of doing the coursework, but until then, it's just a newbie question,
    and remember, we were all newbies once.

    Or are you two just assholes who aren't even newbies yet?

  18. Jerry Avins

    Jerry Avins Guest

    And "crispy" chicken. They can't call it "crisp" 'cause it ain't. Oh
    yeah: enjoy that Krispy Kreme.

  19. Martin

    Martin Guest

    Yeah Rich,

    You tell em ...
    I remember well my newbie days.

    The heady excitement of building a circuit.
    The nervous anticipation of seeing if it would work.
    The agony when it didn't
    The frustration of debugging
    The elation of figuring out the problem.
    The monotony of writing a repor ...

    I don't remember writing any _REPORTS_ for stuff I did for myself,
    the only time I wrote reports was for ...

    Ohhh ... Myyyy ... Gawwwd ...
    Something just became clear to me ...


    Re-read the original post Rich, he wasn't asking for help
    he wants someone to write a report for him.
  20. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Well, I have an excuse - I encountered the thread in s.e.basics, where
    there is, indeed, no such thing as a dumb question - I hadn't noticed
    that it was crossposted all over the planet.

    And even in s.e.basics, if it's clearly homework, I'd personally answer
    with something like "Ask the teacher" or "reread the coursework".

    But I don't like to get nasty in s.e.basics., however, is
    pretty much a free-for-all. ;-)

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