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digital multimeter

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Dan, Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    I am looking for a good quality hobbyist DMM for a decent price. I
    searched the NGs through Google but found nothing useful in a
    reasonable amount of time.

    So I decided to try here.
  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    There are SO many choices. I've been pretty happy with the Wavetek 37XR for a home workbench meter
    but you need to decide what functions are important for your own
    applications. That site has a reasonable sampling of what's available
    and the prices are ballpark for what you'll see elsewhere.
  3. mike

    mike Guest

    Sounds like you went to the Bill Clinton school of disclosure.
    Is your hobby metrology for nuclear physics or automobile maintenance?
    What's useful?

    I've got a 5.5 digit HP 3478A. That do it?

    Bunch of stuff For Sale and Wanted at the link below.
    laptops and parts Test Equipment
    4in/400Wout ham linear amp.
    Honda CB-125S
    400cc Dirt Bike 2003 miles $550
    Police Scanner, Color LCD overhead projector
    Tek 2465 $800, ham radio, 30pS pulser
    Tektronix Concept Books, spot welding head...
  4. Dan

    Dan Guest

  5. Dan

    Dan Guest

    I'm Canadian - I have no idea what you mean. We have our hands full
    with our own dumbass politicians. Which we voted for, of course.
    I suppose I could have been more digitally precise. Are there lots of
    metrology for nuclear physics hobbyists here? What do THEY use?
    Don't know. If I did I probably wouldn't be here.

    Thanks a bunch.
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