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Digital Linear Measuring Devices

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ben, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. Ben

    Ben Guest

    What is the principle used in digital linear measurements?
    I want to build a 30 inch measurement tool with a digital readout for
    adjustment on a bandmill carriage. Are there suppliers of plans, kits,
    components etc.
    Thanks, Ben
  2. GPG

    GPG Guest

    Resolution? accuracy?
  3. Ken Moffett

    Ken Moffett Guest

  4. Lots of technologies for that distance range- optical (scales),
    magnetic, linear pot, capacitive, rotary encoder+rack and pinion, etc.
    etc. What's a "bandmill"? Some kind of big wood sawmill bandsaw thing?

    If so, you probably don't need machine-tool accuracy/resolution, but
    have a nasty environment. You could probably adapt a magnetic machine
    tool DRO with a 36" scale- cost should be maybe $800 USD for a "kit"
    (display + scales).

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  5. S.M.Taylor

    S.M.Taylor Guest

    Interfacing details for the Chinese DRO are widely available. There is a
    Yahoo group

    With a files area containing the details you need. The Chinese DRO are
    available over 1 metre long.

    Personally, a DRO on a bandmill sounds like overkill. I think a wire
    pulley /optical or hall encoder would do well, for the 1/32 " accuracy
    you probably need.

  6. S.M.Taylor

    S.M.Taylor Guest

    Spehro Pefhany wrote:
    .. What's a "bandmill"? Some kind of big wood sawmill bandsaw thing?

    Yes, for trees ! Big, scary machine....

  7. Scary as hell. I only ever did one job in a sawmill,
    never again. It was also on the plank-cutting bandsaws.

    Two huge bandsaws running alongside each other, one fixed
    and the other on a moving carriage, moved as required for
    the desired plank width. About 12 tree trunks circling on
    a carousel, and each time a trunk came around it had another
    plank sawn off it. You didn't work 'on the saw', you worked
    inside the saw, standing in the carousel, trying to do the
    adjustments, whilst dodging the circulating tree trunks.

    The moving bandsaw was moved with a large leadscrew and
    turns-counter. At each power-up the saws closed together,
    (onto a stop switch), and the turns-counter was Zeroed.
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