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Digital counter with acknowledgement

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Baroje, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. Baroje

    Baroje Guest


    I need a digital counter which has the ability of sending the
    acknowledgement signal on one of its outputs! I need to be 100 percent sure
    that counter is incremented when button is pressed or some other event ocur!
    When counter is incremented electrical signal must be send to one of the
    counter outputs so that some other device can know for sure that the counter
    was inrcemented.

    Where can I buy counter with this ability or if not how can I modify one of
    the existing counters to act like I want and need???

  2. Mario Trams

    Mario Trams Guest

    You might use the least significant bit of your counter as feedback
    information (assuming you are speaking about a simple binary counter).
    This LSB will toggle with every increment operation.
    You could also combine this with a D-FlipFlop that stores the
    old LSB for one clock cycle and you XOR the old and the current
    LSB. This provides an high-pulse during the clock cycle following
    the increment.

  3. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    What kind of counter? Discrete logic? Decimal? How many bits/ digits?

    You could do it by latching the counter contents with a clock faster
    than the incoming counts, and using a comparator to compare current
    state with last. Comparator output is true when a!=b. Or to be really
    sure it incremented, a < b. But then you don't know it incremented by
    only one...

    Paul Burke
  4. Baroje

    Baroje Guest

    I'm sorry I don't think I put this correctly!

    I have a counter with 6 digits display ( I don't have it but that is what I
    The counter is incrementin when the button is pressed, and the digits are
    showing n+1.

    What I need is some electrical signal of acknowledgement from the counter
    that this incrementing has realy happend!

    I know you would say why do you need that when there is a 6 digit display??
    Well it's matter of safety and distributed control!

    So can anybody tell me where can I buy a device like that, or the closest
    one that can be slightly modified to perform lika I want to!
  5. YD

    YD Guest

    If you can use both edges of the clock, try this. You'll need the
    counter, a latch and a comparator. The latch holds the current count,
    the positive edge advances the counter so the comparator's (A=B)
    output goes false, run it through an inverter if needed. The negative
    edge updates the latch with the new count and (A=B) goes true again.

    Of course, this doesn't tell you whether the counter incremented by
    one or by next Thursday, an adder with A=count and B=1 between the
    latch and comparator will help this. (A=B) will be false at all times
    except when the counter has advanced but the latch hasn't yet updated.
    To be totally fail-safe you can play around with the clock pulse and
    some latches.

    - YD.
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